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Amazing baby shower venues

If welcoming a new life into the world isn’t cause for a celebration, then frankly, what is? Here you will find our selection of amazing baby shower venues, whether you yourself are expecting a little bundle of joy or if you are looking on behalf of someone you love, because either way, we want to help make sure it’s a truly special occasion you will all cherish the memory of for years to come.

Hakkasan Hanway Place

hakkasan hanway place

Hakkasan restaurants are now recognised around the world for the sheer attention to detail they give to every aspect – from the design of the interiors to the flavour of the food – and the guaranteed high standard of service. The head chef at this particular branch, Tong Chee Hwee, has been with Hakkasan since their inception and has played a vital role in the restaurant retaining the Michelin star it was awarded way back in 2003, proving why they remain at the very forefront of Chinese fine dining.

Proud Country House

proud country house

Sometimes we all need a simple moment of calm; never more so than when pregnant. Unfortunately, for all its conveniences, the city just isn’t really able to offer this, not like the countryside can. Enter Proud Country House, a fantastic meeting point between the two. Set within the tranquillity of Stanmer Park, this charming venue can be found just outside Brighton, meaning you get all the feeling of a rural retreat, and yet remain within easy reach of the capital at all times.

The World’s End Market

the world's end market

The World’s End Market is a culinary concept and experience as much as it is an actual venue. As such, it’s the food that is the real star of the show here, with the emphasis put on fresh, healthy ways of cooking and flavoursome, locally sourced ingredients, meaning the mother-to-be will leave feeling both satisfied and nourished. The space itself is very charming as well, however, with a real warmth and sense of character to it courtesy of touches like the wood panelling and the fireplace.

Buster Mantis

buster mantis

Buster Mantis is a warehouse space that sits tucked beneath two railway arches. This grants it both an urban, industrial vibe and bucket-loads of atmosphere. One half functions as a cocktail bar, café and dining space, whilst the other hosts everything from art exhibitions to club nights, so to say it’s a versatile offering would be quite the understatement. Altogether, the venue can accommodate as many as 200 guests, and the nearest rail link – Deptford – can be found a mere stone’s throw away.

Grain Store

grain store

The interior space at Grain Store is comprised of a spacious dining area with a theatrical, open kitchen, where you can see the chefs hard at work and enjoy the delicious smells as they come wafting your way. It’s perhaps the outside space that is the biggest draw here though, with an expansive terrace that overlooks the fountains of Granary Square – what could be more lovely on a warm, summer’s day? Regardless of whether you opt to dine inside or out, however, you can rest assured that the service itself will be top notch.