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The best venues in London for a PR event

A PR event is a hugely important occasion for any business, and so often it begins with creating the right mood. One of the most effective ways to do this is by selecting a suitable venue and as such, here are some of London’s very best – all great choices for any PR event.

House of Detention

The Clerkenwell House of Detention, found north-east of Clerkenwell Green, is a perfect choice if you are seeking a venue that is rich in history and thick with atmosphere. Dating right back to 1617, it began its turbulent existence as a prison before its destruction by fire in the Gordon Riots of 1780. After this, the prison ruins were demolished in favour of a school but beneath the playground remains to this day a labyrinth of other connected buildings which could now play host to your event. Sure to be a talking point, yet simple enough inside to tailor to your particular needs, there is space here for gatherings of up to 160 people.



Carousel describe themselves as Marylebone’s answer to all your event needs. Their specifically designed event spaces are known for being ultra-flexible, fully equipped to meet all your needs and complete with professional, high-quality lighting. Whether a small, intimate presentation or a packed event for up to 350 people, this venue can be tailored to work for you, with its versatility and excellent Central London location being the real key to its appeal. With 3 tube stations, including Baker Street and Marble Arch all no more than a 10 minute walk away, it is also easily reached from throughout the city.