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Canvas’ most popular venues

Want to snatch up one of Canvas’ most popular venues? Below you will find a selection of some of our most popular venues, picked with regularity for their broad usage, distinct styles and fantastic features.

House of Detention

house of detention

The name alone at House of Detention is often enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck going, and if you think it’s evocative and atmospheric, just wait until you see the venue itself. Dating right back to the 17th century, this visually arresting former prison is one of the oldest offerings in our database and it brings an instant hit of drama to any occasion, hence its ongoing popularity as a multi-purpose event space. From housing Victorian criminals to being used as an air raid shelter during the Blitz, if these walls could talk they’d have quite the story to tell.

Gee Street Penthouse

gee street penthouse

In complete contrast, Gee Street Penthouse is a venue that appeals to those with decidedly more modern sensibilities, being an ultra-slick, contemporary and super stylish apartment. With a multi-level, open plan layout, it feels bright and airy throughout, but the rooftop terrace with its fantastic views out across the city is undoubtedly another of its main draws. It has a good capacity of 100, ideal for medium sized events, and it sits just five minutes from Old Street station.

MC Motors

mc motors

The distressed, urban chic look seems to do nothing but grow in popularity, and that trend has surely played a part in seeing MC Motors rise to the top of our popularity list. This industrial warehouse venue is full to the brim with raw, characterful touches that bring so much charisma to the space, which also benefits from a sky-lighted roof allowing for plenty of natural light. Another historic offering with a chequered past, its eclectic story merely adds to its allure.

The Mangle

the mangle

Found is East London’s popular area of London Fields, just a few minutes from the station of the same name, The Mangle is a large building which regularly attracts creatively minded people. This basement-level workspace manages to strike a brilliant balance between a space that offers enough touches that give it a unique look yet still remains enough of a blank canvas to allow scope for adaptability. In-house PA and stage lighting and a fully-installed bar make for other popular features.

Swan Wharf

swan wharf

Swan Wharf is a Victorian warehouse complex dating back to the turn of the century. The 25,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space has undergone some sensitive modernisation to ensure it matches current day standards without sacrificing the charm of its beginnings. The two main areas include a 2nd floor space with lots of brickwork, high ceilings and views onto the River Lea, and the cygnet bar and bistro on the ground floor complete with kitchen facilities.