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Three More Exceptional Private Dining Clubs

Private dining clubs take restaurant reservations and do away with them, offering an exclusive dinner that’s more of a dining experience than an evening out. In fact, if exceptional meals are what you’re looking for, then you can put away the dining club card and instead put on your finery for a night out in some of London’s coolest most posh and unique venues. You’ll find that the food is unequaled, and that the ambiance and themes you can choose from will open your eyes to an entirely new world of fine dining in some of the city’s best private dining clubs.

Stationers Hall

Stationers Hall

Stationers Hall is very well situated, being found in the heart of the City, right next to St Paul’s Cathedral and within easy walking distance of Blackfriars, City Thameslink and St Paul’s stations – perfect for those amongst your guests who need to travel to the event. There are 4 interconnected rooms to choose from, each offering its own allure and distinct characterful charm. The space itself can be kitted out to suit your own tastes, being able to sit 130 at round tables, 205 at long tables, 88 cabaret style, or 200 theatre style, making it a very flexible choice.

One Great George Street

One Great George StreetOne Great George Street is more than just an exceptional venue for private dining. It’s one of London’s best event venues, capable of accommodating upwards of 240 dining guests, yet still intimate enough to host private events for as few as 18. It features lecture theatres equipped with the latest in audio visual tech, and has a maximum standing capacity of up to 700, spanning almost 19,000 square feet. However, there’s much more to the venue than just brilliant event space. As it’s only minutes form either of the Westminster and St James Park links, it’s also easily accessible, offering a wide range of transport options for those arriving by car or tube.

The Conservatory

One of the most unique themed private dining spaces in all of London, The Conservatory offers a bit of tropical paradise tucked into the heart of of city. Guests will be greeted by an amazing display of carefully tended tropical plants and trees. There are ponds and streams within, teeming with over 2,000 species of colorful and interesting tropical fish, making for a venue like no other. Perhaps most interesting is that it’s situated beneath a glass roof, and features a staircase that leads up to the Terrace levels above. In total there are 4,500 square feet of event space, with room to seat more than 250 guests between the Theatre and Cabaret areas. In terms of the food, it’s simply succulent, with the scenery and ambiance lending itself to a range of tropical and Caribbean themes, or something more suited to your own personal tastes.