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Unique birthday party venues in the West End

The West End is the unofficial home of entertainment in London, making it an ideal location in which to hold a truly memorable and unique birthday party. Here are some of our favourite venues in the area to make finding the perfect one that little bit easier.


Dub Jam

If you want all the fun of a party with none of the fuss or pressure of entertaining a mass of expectant guests, then Dub Jam could be exactly the venue you are looking for. With a tiny capacity of just 10, you can invite just your nearest and dearest, with plenty of scope to spend one-on-one time with each of them, ensuring no one feels left out. With a fantastic mix of jerk BBQ, rum and reggae on offer, not to mention the bright, funky and eccentric styling, this is a venue where the emphasis is on simply having a good time. Leicester Square is the nearest tube link, and it can be reached in just 4 minutes.

The Nags Head

the nags head

Found in the historic and ever-popular area of Covent Garden (and just a stone’s throw from the tube station of the same name), The Nags Head proudly welcomes guests from all over the world, with their friendly, professional staff always eager to expand the variety of events they cater for. The stylish décor makes great use of bold colours, striking patterns and ornate touches for a boutique feel that brings an instant sense of cool and sophistication to any party.

Karma Sanctum Soho Roof Terrace

karma sanctum roof terrace

Undoubtedly one of Soho’s best hidden gems, Karma Sanctum is an intimate space for up to 90 people that can be found on the fifth floor, high above the bustle of the busy streets below. Choose from an inside bar and covered lounge with a built-in fireplace or a partially covered terrace which comes complete with its own jacuzzi. This one-of-a-kind offering, available year-round, provides the feeling of an exclusive escape with the convenience of a city centre venue, being within easy walking distance of several good rail links.

Ape & Bird

ape bird

Ape & Bird is an aesthetically pleasing venue that is spread across 3 floors in all, with the several spaces at your disposal adding up to offer a generous total capacity of 400. Happy to assist with any production or entertainment ideas you may have, they aren’t at all afraid of putting together bespoke events. Each of the individual spaces is finished in its own distinct style, from the elegance of the Soho Room to the grungy vibes of the basement-level Dive Bar, meaning there really is something for everyone to be found here.

The Vault Soho

the vault soho

For lovers of immersive atmosphere and old-world allure, The Vault Soho is an absolute must. This hidden cocktail bar is discreetly tucked away behind a secret bookcase in Milroy’s of Soho, London’s oldest whisky specialist, and boasts extensive use of wood and exposed brickwork for a rustic yet timeless charm. Perfect should you want a party with a more low-key, personal approach, there is room for just 55 guests, making it far easier to spend quality one-to-one time with your nearest and dearest.