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About us


Canvas was born out of its sister company, the Location Collective. The Location Collective is the UK’s number one film location agency and many of our locations double up for more than just a place to film. With an abundance of interesting locations and venues cropping up all the time, our team decided to create a standalone company. Canvas from its concept was created to give both venue owners and users the best possible experience through our accessible platform.


At Canvas we are driven by making your venue search as easy and hassle free as possible. Dealing with middlemen can take up your valuable time and slow down the entire process. This is why we will never get in the way of you and your venue of choice. We believe that you should have direct and uninhibited contact with any venue owner, whenever you want.


We see Canvas establishing itself as a leading venue platform both in the UK and further afield. The time that our team puts into researching improvements for automation, systemisation and the technical aspects of the platform, allows us to constantly innovate and appeal to a wider market. With this being said, our venues are the heart and soul of our business and this is why they will always stand alongside us at the helm of Canvas.

What We do

Our team at Canvas is always scouting to ensure that our users have a selection of new and exciting venues available to them at all times. We are passionate about giving our venues and users the ability to get what they need out of their profiles and easy accessibility. Through our platform, our venues are able to freely update the information that they want to get across; whether this be their photographs, biography, availability times or pricing. Our technical team is always looking to improve the means in which our users can search for a venue to find the right fit for their event. We want you to be happy and we want to give you a user experience that takes the stress out of your day.

The Future

If you are excited by the way that Canvas has already been disrupting the London events market, you won’t believe what we still have up our sleeves. Our team is busy building on their aspirations to rollout our service to cities around the world. We don’t want to spoil the big surprise for you, but by being 100% accountable: Canvas will evolve drastically. Our goal is to help our venues develop a stronger sense of ownership, creativity and interactivity via their profiles and the way in which they manage their black book of contacts. If our service was an event, then you have only just arrived for the welcome drinks: the main event is just around the red curtain.

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