6 Great Themed London Venues For Hire

Every party and celebration in London has a theme, but unique and memorable themes are hard to come by, as finding a breathtaking or memorable venue to host your event in can be challenging. Because of that, we’ve put together a list of great themed venues in the city, where interesting designs will let you have a celebration in both style and theme, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or even costume party. But just because these themes are out of the ordinary, and in some cases into the extraordinary, you’ll still want to see them all, as each offers something different and amazing. Have a look, and see just how great your next themed event can be. You might even become a ping pong champ while you’re at it.

The Montague Ski Lodge

Montague Ski LodgeOne of the coolest (quite literally) venues in London is the Montague Ski Lodge, based at The Montague on the Gardens Hotel in Bloomsbury. This events venue is exactly what you’d expect: a pub that would fit in perfectly in the snowy Alps, but in the heart of London instead. Filled with lanterns and fairy lights, and not to mention a cracking cocktail venue, you and your guests can take in the magical atmosphere under your big woolly rugs. This ultimate Alpine experience is open for a limited time, between November and January, making it the ideal Christmas party venue.

Hawker House

Hawker House - Canvas EventsAnother one of Street Feast’s masterpieces (along with the likes of London’s Dinerama), Hawker House is a ultra cool warehouse filled with global street food stalls and bars. This mega-market has everything you could ask for when it comes to food, drink and dance, so is undoubtedly an ideal party location. Based in Canada Water, you can get your hands on the most delicious foods in the world without stepping foot on a plane. With a 3,000 guest capacity split across several rooms and areas, it’s got enough room to host all types of parties and events, big or small.


FestCamden’s newly-refurbished party place available to hire is the fabulous Fest. Complete with a heated garden terrace, restaurant and several party rooms, there’s no wonder why it’s one of the area’s most popular venues for indoor and outdoor events. With the 600 capacity main bar and the much more intimate Stables areas, there is no restrictions on the size of your event. Enquire with the Fest team today and find out what they can do for your event.


BounceOne of the coolest new flagship venues in London, you might at first wonder exactly what it’s supposed to be, but that would be quickly answered at the tables. Offering the largest and first social club for ping pong, it’s been and continues to be hugely popular in the city. By defying convention and putting together a state of the art events space, complete with traditional conference and event venue necessities, it’s become the hottest social event space in the city. While this is due to the exceptionally well laid out main areas, hosting up to 500 visitors, it’s also very much attributable to the break out spaces, and of course the black lit ping pong tables and halls, where you and your guests can go all out at ping pong – especially if you took the master class offered here. 12,000 square feet of space, and it’s all just steps from Chancery Lane, Farringdon, or St Paul’s – how you get there is up to you, just make sure to bring your game.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu is London’s largest – and arguably best – South African themed restaurant, with no corners cut when it comes to creating an authentic and impressive finish. This visually striking venue has a stunningly rich and ornate attention to detail throughout, having opened its doors in 2010 with a royal blessing from the Zulu King himself; giving you a hint as to the level of authenticity and quality found here. Set across 2 floors, this versatile space functions as a bar, restaurant and club, complete with wonderful food and drink, not to mention plenty of live music and dancing to keep everyone’s spirits high.



If it’s something decidedly more quirky you are looking for, for an event that is light-hearted and fun, then Trapeze could be exactly what you need. Able to host everything from club nights to conferences with a difference, the bright, bold, colourful and eye-catching interior immediately establishes an informal, relaxed atmosphere. There are 3 different levels on offer, with exclusive hire available mid-week and private areas for up to 60 guests available for Friday and Saturday evenings. Sitting just a stone’s throw from Old Street station, it’s also well connected to the rest of the city.