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Top 4 event trends to look out for in 2023

There’s no denying that the last few years have been a whirlwind for the events industry. A global pandemic, multiple national lockdowns, and a cost-of-living crisis have been, well, less than ideal. However, in 2023 big things are set to transform the events scene. Today we look at the biggest event trends for 2023. You heard it here first; events are back with a bang. 

In-person events set to thrive

In-person events are back and better than ever in 2023, with social restrictions nothing but a distant memory and marketers ready for the return. In 2022, a new wave of in-person events emerged but this year, they’re set to reach new limits. 

81 per cent of events in 2022 had an ‘in-person’ element, but Meeting and Group Business magazine claim that the ‘in-person events market is set for its strongest year ever in 2023’.

 This year, people are itching to get out of the house and back into the world of events and their expectations are higher than ever. When throwing an in-person event in 2023, be sure to consider the experience, focus, and engagement of your guests. 

Interactivity is key 

 Gone are the days of straightforward mix-and-mingle events. Today’s consumer looks for digital touchpoints and interactivity to keep attention focused and interest piqued. Not only does interactivity keep guests actively engaged, but it also turns your event into an unforgettable, immersive experience. 

Years of virtual connecting and socialising drive the rise of interactive features at the return of in-person events. Polling, quizzes, and ‘themed’ events, such as online coffee mornings and ‘murder mystery parties’, kept virtual events interesting and unique.

Live music and themed music are just two interactive features that are expected to skyrocket at events going into 2023. Educational workshops, interactive videos, and guest speakers are also set to introduce a further interactive element to in-person events. 

Post-event engagement keeps the hype going

In today’s world, the impact of an event is measured not just from the event itself, but from post-event engagement and interaction online. Continuous event promotion and engagement keep the hype going. Driving a deeper connection with attendees improves brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

 Post-event engagement also allows you to know what guests learnt at your event, what went well and what you can improve for next time. The goals set for your event are just as important after the event has happened, as they were before. 

 Going into 2023, marketers are likely to improve their post-event engagement strategy to keep the conversation going and build genuine connections. An effective post-event promotion strategy also allows you to connect and engage with an audience who were not able to attend the physical event.

 In addition, for every day that you don’t follow up post-event, you lose around 20 per cent of engagement.

Sustainability is crucial 

As ever, sustainability at events is a top priority in 2023, but 59 per cent of brands and event departments still say sustainability remains a key challenge. Food waste, travel-related carbon emissions, and energy use are just some of the challenges events aim to overcome this year.

 The current climate crisis continues to drive sustainable events. This year, events can combat waste and reduce their carbon footprint by offering plant-based menus and searching for greener venues. 

A continued push for sustainability in events throughout 2023 aims to reduce environmental harm and damage while keeping sustainability factors are the forefront of event organisers’ minds. 

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