London’s Top Music Venues

If you’re in search of great sounds and unique experiences that can transform an ordinary music venue into a little piece of heaven, you’ll love our list of the best small concert halls and cool clubs in London. These are unusual places, where you might not always remember the name of the band playing, but you’ll never forget the experience. Of course, since it’s venues like this that gave legendary greats like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones their start, you might want to remember the bands too.


Egg LDNA cool and unique venue in Kings Cross, the Egg LDN is an intimate location that still has room to accommodate up to 1,400 people. There’s a professional kitchen on site, with a outstanding array of lightning and sound features built into the facility. Spanning a total of four interior areas, and four outside spaces, it’s the perfect place for any event, at any time of year. Tastefully decorated, the place can still be themed to suit, and is capable of hosting any sort of theme, from live music gigs, to fashion shows, dinner parties, and even professional shows. Guests will be impressed with the space, and find more than enough room to mingle, while still being able to get out and show off their cool dance moves.

The Barbican

The BarbicanOf all the conference and arts venues you’ll find in Europe, London is home to the world’s largest. Not only the largest, but also one of the finest multi-art facilities in town, the Barbican is a truly impressive hall. It’s acoustics are some of the best you’ll find for any type of performance, but are exceptional when presenting an orchestra. There are VIP seating areas, where special guests of honor can be served wine and hors d’oeuvres, and given the royal treatment. Musicians of all types will love the space, the sound, and the overall ambiance. You’ll love the professional and subdued environment, which  lends itself to colored accents and lighting like few other venues in town.

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse and Rooftop GardensThe premier location for cool and hot music, this old Victorian era steam engine repair shop is latest and greatest when it comes to industrial in London. In fact, the Roundhouse has a more rich history than perhaps any other music venue in town. Classic greats such as the Doors and Jimi Hendrix have played here, along with more modern acts like Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Big open space, with an eclectic mix of old school steam tech and modern club themes, this iconic and legendary centre of culture is sure to thrill and please even the most discerning of musical tastes. You’ll love the unmatched ambiance of this great space, and your guests will really feel like they’re in a concert hall – because they are.

Oval Space

Oval SpaceAn outstanding blank canvas that can be adapted to meet any sort of event needs, the Oval space is nothing short of amazing. It looks out on the Bethnal Green Gas Holders, and occupies a warehouse themed venue, finished in the latest modern designs. There are two outdoor terraces that support everything from casual socializing to themed BBQ and grill events. There are professional light riggings set up throughout, which lend themselves well to interesting and funky light arrangements, or make a great place to hang themed decorations. Guests will love the views, and you’ll love the fact that this versatile space will let you bring your ideas and creative vision to life, with your choice of music.

The Mangle


One of the more unique venues in London Fields, The Laundry is an industrial basement space that’s licensed for up to 720 guests. On the ground floor, you’ll find a fantastic cantina bar, which makes use of the street level drive in access to welcome guests. It leads in, and of course down, to the large basement space that makes the location what it is. Lights are already set up on stage, meaning your musicians won’t need to fuss with setting things up, and the large lift will allow them to easily move equipment in and out. A great blank canvas on which to bring your ideas to life, guests will be impressed with the raw and unfinished appeal of the place. You’ll love being able to relax and enjoy the performance.

Olympia London

OlympiaOne of the largest private venues in London, Olympia can comfortably host up to 10,000 guests. With almost 4,000 square meters of blank canvas space, you’ll quite literally be able to create your own world. Featuring the iconic Olympia Grand, which has a massive skylit barrel roof, there’s probably no more interesting and unique theme suited to larger private parties and concerts than this location. There are three main areas, meaning you can also separate event themes to suit. You’ll fall in love with the ability to do anything you like in the space. Guests will not only love exploring Olympia, home to the Greek Gods, but also enjoy the massive spaces and exceptional interior views.

York Hall

York HallA historic building, York Hall is a fine display of classic Neo Georgian architecture, and a well-known home to British boxing. However, it’s not just the fights that have made this great venue famous. Rather, it’s the diversity it offers, allowing you to host any number of events, including concerts, exhibitions, fairs, and even product launches. If you’re going all out, you can even make use of the gym, spa, and swimming pool. You’ll love the easy access to the facility, full kitchen, and of course the bars. Guests will love both the history and the open space this great location provides, making for an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

The Troxy

An 1,800 capacity music venue just minutes from the Limehouse tube, the Troxy is an outstanding place for any sort of event. Particularly well suited to concerts and music features, the large stage, raised searing, and balcony rows will accommodate large numbers of regular and VIP guests. It was originally an old grand cinema, and has been completely refurbished in an outstanding Art Deco style, with the latest modern amenities. High tech lighting systems, and a full PA setup make this location well suited to more than just concerts though, with space for conferences, film screenings, and even Christmas parties. You and your guests will love the space and all you can do with it.

Under the Bridge

Under the BridgeUnder the Bridge’s contemporary yet richly atmospheric vibe means it is suitable for a whole host of different event types, be they business related or purely for pleasure. As a very useful bonus, professional lighting and all necessary production equipment is already onsite and included in the hire, maximising practicality, whilst the generous capacity of 550 and closeness to Fulham Broadway tube station (which is just a 6 minute walk away) are sure to come in handy for your guests. This versatile venue could be exactly what you’re looking for, no matter the style of the occasion.