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Canvas and ME London unveil central London’s best kept secret

On 20th January, Canvas partnered with ME London to deliver a VIP car launch reception event to showcase the exquisite Studio Space at ME London. With three top of the range BMW’s out on display, the event provided an opportunity for all the attendees to experience how this versatile and stunning space can be transformed into a car launch reception.


The event showed the range of possibilities this space can be used for, as the venue was transformed into a car launch reception with the help of beautiful decorations and the venue’s fantastic AV system. It also proved how effortless it is to bring large objects, such as cars, into the venue, opening up endless options for what can be showcased at the Studio Space.

The car launch was a huge success and showcased our hidden gem of an event space to potential and existing clients,” Doyin Sokan, the Senior Sales Executive of Events at ME London said. “It was also a great way to demonstrate how cars can be bought into the event space.”


Located just a few minutes from Covent Garden, ME London is ideally situated near the theatres, shopping areas, fashionable hot spots and trendiest night clubs. It is equipped with exquisitely designed, modern rooms overlooking the Thames. Boasting spectacular panoramic views of London from the Roof Bar, this avant-garde hotel has innovative design and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The venue has seven meeting room with a capacity for up to 300 people with a separate reception area.


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If Studio Space at ME London has caught your imagination, you can contact ME London directly through their Canvas profile.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, time to relax, or time for an adventure — Events at ME London is the right choice for a wonderful experience.

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