The best and most unique nights out in London

Because we’re so spoilt with London’s epic nightlife, we’re always looking for the next best thing. You know, something a little bit different than your standard nightclub venue with pretty average music, overpriced drinks, and queues threading through the streets.

We’ve put together some of the best and most unique nights out in London, from fun pubs nights where it will undoubtedly escalate to mini golf and karaoke:

Swingers West End

swingers west end nights out london

Location: Oxford Circus
Capacity: 600 standing
Check it out here: Swingers West End

Lucky Voice Islington

lucky voice islington nights out london

Location: Islington
Capacity: 120 standing
Check it out here: Lucky Voice Islington

Tape London

tape london nights out london

Location: Soho
Capacity: 300 standing, 100 seated
Check it out here: Tape London

Dirty Bones Soho

dirty bones soho nights out london

Location: Oxford Circus
Capacity: 75 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: Dirty Bones Soho

The King of Ladies Man

king of ladies man nights out london

Location: Battersea
Capacity: 70 standing, 35 seated
Check it out here: The King of Ladies Man

Prince of Peckham

prince of peckham nights out london

Location: Peckham
Capacity: 250 standing, 85 seated
Check it out here: Prince of Peckham

Coin Laundry

coin laundry nights out london

Location: Barbican
Capacity: 250 standing, 70 seated
Check it out here: Coin Laundry

TT Liquor

TT liquor nights out london

Location: Shoreditch
Capacity: 250 standing
Check it out here: TT Liquor

Notting Hill Arts Club

notting hill arts club nights out london

Location: Notting Hill
Capacity: 218 standing
Check it out here: Notting Hill Arts Club