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The Team
Full Stack Developer
Umair is our highly experienced technical wizard who takes the lead on all of our complex product development needs as we continue to build and develop the platform. He has been with Canvas for the last 5 years and has been the bedrock on which we have been able to release new and exciting features to the product. When he is not burning the midnight oil coding for Canvas he has a passion for mechatronics and enjoys working on projects such as RC quadcopters and planes as a hobby. He also has a strong foundation in electronics and researches and designs solar system solutions.
Customer Success Executive
Say hi to Annabelle our Customer Success Executive. She enjoys trying new looks, building fresh content and pushing herself to her full potential. Before Canvas Annabelle was a Professional Musical Theatre Performer and is now using her knowledge and love of venues as a full time career. Away from work you will find Annabelle exploring new places abroad or shopping for shoes and handbags!
Sylvia has been with Canvas since the very start. She takes care of all our finances and accounts, ensuring we are always 100% up to date and there’s always enough budget in the kitty for our trips away, benefits and team events. Sylvia's secret weapon is her rocky road. Arguably the best there is this side of the pond!
Customer Success Manager
Charlie’s ultimate goal is to put our venues in the best position possible to succeed and thrive on our platform. Prior to Canvas he has worked extensively in customer-focussed roles, driving both usage and engagement. He’s a man of many cheesy cliches, with ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’ and ‘we don’t take losses we take lessons’ being a couple of standouts. A south Londoner at heart, Charlie’s a huge Crystal Palace fan and has never met a rogue fried chicken shop that he doesn’t like the look of.
Antony co-founded Canvas with Sascha in 2013. Antony started out as a Location Runner and then Location Assistant, and over the last 13 years has uncovered some of the most prestigious and in-demand spaces in the film and photography industries. He has a passion for architecture and design, as well as a slightly suspicious curiosity for what lurks behind London’s closed doors.
Digital Marketing Executive
Say hello to Raquel, our Digital Marketing Executive hailing from Spain. Armed with an Economics degree from Madrid and a Master's in Digital Marketing from London, she's a true maven of the digital realm. Raquel's creative prowess knows no bounds. She concocts marketing magic that leaves lasting impressions and turns heads faster than you can say "click." When she's not busy optimizing our online presence, you'll find her indulging in her artistic side or getting lost in the captivating world of binge-worthy series. Raquel injects creativity and innovation into our digital marketing strategies. Brace yourselves for remarkable results because when Raquel's in charge, brilliance is the norm.
Business Development Manager
Introducing Aisling, our Business Development Manager, working with Chris to identify some of London's most unique and beautiful venues for our platform. Previously she graduated from Oxford Brookes with a degree in Sociology then pursued an 18-month stint recruiting for Life Science and Financial Services organisations before joining us. Excelling in relationship building and communications, she is very accustomed to partnering with wonderful people from all walks of life. Aisling, part-time gym goer, full-time foodie enjoys going out for dinner (anywhere), binge-watching Greys Anatomy and being forced to support Brighton and Hove Albion on the weekends.
Software Architect
Hailing from West Yorkshire, Amir heads the software development front and ensures that the canvas software system meets the complex and dynamic day-to-day needs of the business. He started "hacking" from a very early age and has been passionate about software engineering ever since, eventually leading him to obtain a doctorate in semantic web. He is passionate about devops, performance, distributed architectures and blockchain. When he's not writing code, he's thinking about writing code. But he's not obsessed with writing code at all, naturally.
Growth Manager
Chris is our Growth Manager and drives the acquisition of exciting new venues onto the platform. Before Canvas he worked at Horizon Teachers as a Senior Recruitment Consultant. Chris enjoys watching football, particularly when West Ham win (although this can be a rare sighting) and is a dedicated rock & metal fan who is going to Download festival for the third year on the trot. Chris famously jumped off a waterfall in St Lucia in 2005 but has failed to do so since.
Wookiee Warrior
Chewbacca (Chewwy to her mates) joins us from the planet of Kashyyyk. After playing a huge part in helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the evil Galactic Empire she decided it was time to dip her paw into the world of Customer Success. Her hobbies include finding medium to large sticks, napping on dirty floors, walks in the rain and most of all, being called a good girl.
Sascha co-founded Canvas with Antony in 2013. Prior to Canvas Sascha led a number of start-ups including one of the first online restaurant guides back in the days of 56k dial-up, and a first of its kind startup in sustainability, combating climate change by "greening" offices. With a background in organisational change and people development, Sascha brings a wealth of experience in team development, product, coaching, sales, management and operations. Sascha is dedicated to inner transformation and learning, and if he isn’t in London, he’s either on retreat or in Bali "conducting important research".
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