More Great Bat Mitzvah Venues in London

Coming of age is a time honored tradition for a young girl, and there is perhaps no better known celebration that that of a young lady’s Bat Mitzvah, where her day becomes a celebration of family and friends in a unique venue. Of the many banquet halls, reception locations, and traditional sites around London, there are some that stand far above the rest. These are places where your daughter can take her first steps on the road to womanhood in style. They will elevate her above the ordinary and into the extraordinary, letting her truly shine. After all, she’s exceptional. Her Bat Mitzvah venue should be too.

Bloomsbury Ballroom

Bloomsbury BallroomOne of the most elegant and beautiful venues in all of London for a young girl to have her Bat Mitzvah, the Bloomsbury Ballroom is a study in art and exceptional design. It features a beautiful neoclassical facade, allowing you stretch the boundaries of traditional themes with all manner of interesting and unique personalized touches. As there are professional light riggings throughout, you’ll find no shortage of available area to place themes and favours, letting you make sure her Bat Mitzvah is as unforgettable as she is. Of particular interest to many a young lady is the fact that this venue is often home to weddings, and even London’s Fashion Week. Offering a generous 10,500 square feet of event space, and hosting up to 880 guests, there no shortage of room for her or her closest family and friends to enjoy themselves. It’s also just steps from the Holborn and Tottenham Court Road links.

Hellenic Centre

Hellenic CentreAn intimate location featuring a balcony and relatively blank canvas that can be decorated to suit, the Hellenic Centre is an excellent place to host any young girl’s Bat Mitzvah. The balcony provides the perfect place for her to be lauded by crowds of friends and family, yet the intimate 2,600 plus square feet of space still offers ample room for 250 of her guests to celebrate. The high ceilings help to keep crowd noise at a comfortable level, while also giving the space a larger feel. There are also windows which flood the area with bright natural light in the daytime, and can provide star and moonlight by night. The venue will also show a picture book of past events to help with decoration and theme ideas if desired. Centrally located in historic Marylebone, it’s close to numerous transport links, and offers a range of parking options.

Conway Hall

Conway HallLandmark events are few and far between in life, and a young girl’s Bat Mitzvah is no exception. Your daughter will be experiencing her first life changing moment in the company of her family and closest friends. Because of this, a landmark location like the Conway Hall is the ideal place for her to take those first steps into womanhood. As a young lady, she’ll cherish the memories built here, and also carry with them the rich and deep history of the venue. Built in 1929, it’s a 14,000 square foot piece of historic London, spanning cultural, intellectual, and political events over almost 100 years. There is room for up to 450 guests, and the second level balcony seating means that everyone will be able to see her, and more importantly, welcome her as a young lady. At five minutes walk from the Holborn link, your daughter’s guests will also have an easy time making their way to and from her celebration.