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Alternative Wedding Venues in London

A unique alternative to traditional venues is to find something different, by choosing a venue that has vibe, and is suited to your theme. While the coolest places aren’t always easy to find, they are out there, and we’ve uncovered seven  more of London’s best-kept-secret event spaces in the list below.

The Cookhouse

The Cookhouse

The Cookhouse is a very well situated and unique venue, found above Three Crown Square, offering lovely views across the Market and within a comfortable walking distance of both London Bridge train and underground stations. The open-plan kitchen and dining space feels bright, airy and modern, coming complete with all the latest equipment and appliances that make the venue able to accommodate all sorts of cooking masterclasses, demonstrations, tastings and exclusive, intimate dining experiences, with table space for up to 10 guests.

Vauxhall Arches

Vauxhall Arches

Close to the banks of the River Thames, just a mere stone’s throw from Vauxhall Station (both underground and rail), you will find Vauxhall Arches, a venue that has established itself as one of the city’s most popular clubbing venues. There are 3 main multi-functioning rooms called Fire, Lightbox and Protocol respectively, and these can either be hired on an individual basis or combined for large-scale parties and gatherings of up to 1400 people. Comprised of 10 railway arches, it is a charismatic and atmospheric venue that is sure to make an impression.

The Bottle Shop:

The Bottle ShopIf industrial appeal defines your theme, and you love beer, you’ll find the Bottle Shop’s mezzanine location a perfect match to your event. It’s tucked under a railway arch, and stocked with more than 350 bottles, complimented by an enormous variety of craft beers. The long off white arched dome is the perfect place to hang decorations, and there is ample seating for up to 100 people. Add in the on site beer experts, and you can start off your celebration with a sampling of brew you can’t get elsewhere, finishing off the night with your favourites.

Tanner & Co:

Tanner & CoA welcoming courtyard leads to an exceptionally well-furnished art deco venue cradled in the arms of the Tanner & Co converted warehouse. It’s a place unlike most of what you’ll find in town, appealing to those embracing art and design, yet still desiring a generous twist of cool. With intimate spaces aplenty, it can comfortably host from 50 to 250 guests, and is kitted with the latest and most modern Audio Visual equipment. Entertainment, artistic design, and unlimited food and drink possibilities are the hallmarks of this great location.

The Chelsea Gardener:

The Chelsea Gardener

A lovey outdoor and summer venue, the Chelsea Gardener also caters to winter and early spring events. They have a lovely sky lit covered terrace, with an elegant heated showroom which can serve as a central hub for wedding and reception activities. Summer guests will enjoy the uncovered outdoor garden areas, while the covered gardens and Orangery will entertain anyone year round. This bright space is open and welcoming, accommodating up to 400 people, yet the various rooms and antechambers keep it intimate and charming.