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The Venue Success Guide: How expert venue managers avoid getting dragged down by admin

Many venues are constantly getting weighed down by extremely burdensome administrative processes. Some of these processes can include enquiry forms, response templates, sending marketing collateral, the creation of quotes, creation of contracts, and the raising and processing of invoices.

If you are struggling with the overabundance of admin, why not challenge these processes? Take a closer look at why certain paperwork is being done – does it need to be done in the first place? Could it be consolidated?

Often the reason for all admin processes is unknown, and more often than not, the reason is: “Well, this is the way we’ve always done it”. This answer isn’t good enough. Blindly following procedures for no distinguishable reason could be causing much more work to be done than is necessary.

To free up more of your valuable time, take a step back and look at all the admin processes you have. Question each one: why does it exist, what outcome does it have and can it be done differently, more quickly or not at all?

One of Dan’s favourite processes to challenge is the dreaded client enquiry form. “I’ve seen venues that will get an email enquiry from a client and then send them the in-house enquiry form to fill out, essentially repeating the same process”, Dan says. “It is tedious for the venue hire team and more importantly it’s tedious for the client.”

Go through a similar process with other procedures, too. It is also useful to meet with colleagues from other departments such as Finance or Legal, as you can discuss and challenge the processes that they ask you to carry out – in a friendly, professional and constructive way, of course. This could be vital for ensuring that you and your team have as much time as possible to focus on developing new business and selling the venue.

Our top tips

  • Consolidate by looking at ways to automate and get rid of that paperwork
  • Trust yourself and challenge the status quo!
  • Collaborate across departments to make the change so you can focus on the most important thing which is building revenue.