Bringing the countryside to your city wedding

Lots of couples dream about having a big, traditional wedding in the countryside, but when it comes down to it, it’s not always practical. Opting for a city wedding that’s local to you and your friends can help save on accommodation and transport, as well as opening up thousands of options for venues. We spoke to wedding photographer Eve Rushforth on how to bring a rustic, countryside aesthetic to your super convenient city wedding:

Do you need to be in the middle of a forest?

Eve Rushforth - wedding photographerDefinitely not! I’ve done a lot of weddings at corporate venues or city hotels  – often they don’t have much more than a smoking area with a tree. But with a bit of creativity and forward planning you would never guess your photos were taken in the middle of a city.

Using different textures is really effective, as well as playing with the angle. You don’t usually have to go very far to find bushes and trees, or you can even use bark from a tree trunk or a wooden bench. If you bring the texture to the forefront of the photo, it can give the illusion you’re surrounded by foliage – when actually you’re in the middle of a car park.

To get a bit of my clients’ personality into the images I usually create a joint Pinterest board – then they can add in images they like the style of, and I get a good idea of what style they’d like to emulate on the day. Just being as transparent as you can with your photographer is really helpful, and they’ll be able to make suggestions as to how to recreate photos you love.

What do you look for in a venue to get good bridal photos?

eve rushforth - wedding photographerPhotographically, weddings that are held outside tend to look better on camera. Even if it’s cloudy or raining, natural light is very flattering and changes throughout the day. Greenhouses, gazebos or transparent marquees work well for offering shelter at an outside wedding.

But that’s not always practical – especially for weddings that aren’t in summer. Venues with some outside space give us flexible options, even if it’s just a balcony and we get creative with branches. You’ll be surprised by what you can find nearby a venue, so when you’re scouting for your perfect venue keep your eyes peeled for patches of grass, water features or trees.

For entirely indoor weddings, I always go on the hunt for plenty of natural light. Big windows are a definite plus; you can do a lot with a good window! You can shoot through them, from the side, front on with light through the bride’s hair, or even as a silhouette.

Eve Rushforth - wedding photographer

How do you bring the outside in?

eve rushforth - wedding photographer

Rustic-style weddings are becoming more popular, so some florists even offer small tree hire as part of your floral set-up. But anything natural – think logs, branches, moss, hay bales & ivy – will really help to set the scene.

For more of a seaside vibe, lots of beaches on the south coast are great for collecting driftwood and shells – which can be surprisingly expensive to buy! If you are bringing shells into your wedding, it’s a good idea to soak them in fresh water for a week, otherwise you run the risk of your venue smelling like the coast (and not in a good way).

If you’re ready to be open minded, get creative and try different things, there are so many ways to make your wedding everything you wanted it to be – and in a convenient location. Just make sure you communicate with your photographer and your venue about what you’re planning to do on the day, and what you’re bringing into the space.

Eve Rushforth

Eve Rushforth - wedding photographer
Eve Rushforth is a wedding photographer with a passion for photographing people and portraying all different personalities. She’s yet to photograph a wedding without happy crying, and goes over and above to make your day unique and special to you. Eve is based in Yorkshire, but travels all over the world to photograph different weddings. Secure your wedding date with Eve now by clicking here – and get 10% off your booking by quoting CANVAS10. Spaces are limited, and the offer is for all weddings booked before the end of February 2018 – so get a wiggle on!

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