Hold a cocktail masterclass in London

I’m not going to be the first one to mention that cocktails are a big old pile of expensive, especially in the city. They’re a great treat on a night out, but before you know it you’ve dropped £150 on sub-par Pornstar Martinis and now you can’t afford a house deposit. So we know you’ve got a cocktail shaker lurking around at home somewhere and some old bottles of vermouth; why not make it a party? Cocktail masterclasses are a really fun way to learn a new skill, whilst getting gently boozy at the same time. Is there a better way to learn? I think not.


cocktailsFind someone who knows how to make cocktails. Bit of an obvious one – but if you’re not the teacher, you’d be surprised by how many people you know may have been a mixologist in a previous life. He might work in project management now, but back in the day your best friend’s husband made cocktails in a 5 star bar, and he still knows how to make the best Old Fashioned because he cracks out the orange zest every time someone walks through the door.

Create your own cocktails. You need to know two cocktails to impress – so teach one classic, and one original. For the classic think Mojito, Cosmopolitan, or Negroni. For the original – the world is your oyster. Think about what suspicious liquors people might have in the back of their cupboards and how you could help them use it up. How about a creative twist on Apple Sourz?

Set the scene. Realistically, is your kitchen big enough to hold more than three people? If you’ve been martini-ing your way through your house deposit, probably not. We’ve put together some amazing spaces to hold a cocktail masterclass in London. Now all you need is some ice (don’t forget the ice).


The Violin Factory - Canvas EventsLocation: Waterloo
Capacity: 160 standing, 70 seated
Check it out here: The Violin Factory

Cocktail pairing: Modern Martini
New York loft meets modern luxury. Not available for private events, but ideal for exclusive brand launches. Think high-end alcohol brands launching a new line. Loads of natural light and a stunning space, so your event photos will be all over insta before you know it.


The Cornershop Bar - Canvas EventsLocation: Shoreditch
Capacity: 50 standing, 50 seated
Check it out here: The Cornershop Bar

Cocktail pairing: Margarita 
If you’re looking to keep it more chilled, The Cornershop Bar is for you. It’s got the vibe of your favourite local, but with more crazy decor. We love it – the atmosphere is always great and they know how to have fun.


The Drawing RoomLocation: Bankside
Capacity: 60 standing, 30 seated
Check it out here: The Drawing Room

Cocktail pairing: Manhattan
You can’t get more speakeasy than The Drawing Room. It’s a literal hidden gem, with walls lined with bookcases and leather chesterfields. Get everyone dressed up and in the party mood for this amazing space. It’ll be a night to remember, as long as you don’t drink too many cocktails. It’s a fine balance, guys.


140-144 Leadenhall - Canvas EventsLocation: Leadenhall Street
Capacity: 1000 standing, 230 seated
Check it out here: 140-144 Leadenhall

Cocktail pairing: Billionaire
Got a lot of friends? Have we got the space for you. Ideally located for an after-work masterclass – maybe a fun away day or summer party. The venue has all sorts of different spaces available to hire, and it’s in an old bank just seconds away from the Gherkin.


The Pearson RoomLocation: Canary Wharf
Capacity: 395 standing, 165 seated
Check it out here: The Pearson Room

Cocktail pairing: Mint Julep
Again ideally suited for work events, we love this spot in Canary Wharf. Even though it’s in the middle of the work-action, it’s not a sterile or overly corporate space. There’s plenty of room but you don’t need to hire out the entire venue. Loads of natural light and a mix of antique and modern furniture make it a really flexible option.


KachetteLocation: Old Street
Capacity: 330 standing, 115 seated
Check it out here: Kachette

Cocktail pairing: Martini
Picture this: you’re under MI5, having a secret meeting with M. Bond is picking his way through the crowd, and what’s he holding? I’ll give you a clue – it’s shaken, not stirred. Another great option for a big event with an exclusive, underground feel – such a brand launch or product reveal. It’s close to Old Street so super convenient, and we love the archways.