From History to Now: Hosting in Spaces with a Story

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HMS President

If you’ve been searching for a venue that screams sophistication, exclusivity, and nautical charm, then look no further because HMS President is here, baby! This epic venue is located only a few hundred yards from the Tower Bridge, overhanging the Thames and providing Instagram content that is nothing short of pure gold (sans treasure map). From corporate events and conferences to Christmas parties and weddings, HMS President caters to a variety of functions, all of which can absolutely be improved by being hosted at a venue inspired by the iconic retired Flower-class Q-ship.

Located inside a building with access to the river Thames, the unit moved onshore to St. Katharine Docks in 1988. The main hall, known as the Drill Deck (sick name), with its white columns, and the Wardroom (also a sick name), provide elegant settings for up to 120 guests, with every corner imitating the famous ship after which the venue is named. What more could you possibly need?

Drill Deck Room
Wardroom Room

But HMS President isn’t just a pretty face. Named after the vessel which launched in 1918 and moored permanently on the Thames as a Royal Navy Reserve drill ship, this venue is a nod to an iconic, integral part of London history. The space houses the largest Royal Naval Reserve unit in the country, having also received ‘privileged regiment status’ granted by the City of London.

The name of the ship has also been passed down through a series of illustrious vessels, each commemorating historical captures and naval victories. From a 58-gun frigate to the training ship of the local Royal Naval Reserve, HMS President has evolved but never lost its charm. Even Red Bull’s famous stunt, Flying Through Tower Bridge, was filmed by drones controlled from the HMS President.

So, dust off your best pirate jokes (I was going to tell one but, arrr, I forgot) and get ready to host the coolest event ever at this legendary venue. It will absolutely be one to remember.


Step into L’oscar, where history and luxury converge in an architectural gem from the turn of the century. Originally a Baroque-style, Grade II listed church, L’oscar has been extravagantly restored by the world-renowned decorator that we all know and love, Jacques Garcia. And it looks epic.

Nestled near Covent Garden, this venue is at the very heart of a bustling mix of shops, restaurants, and bars (plus, there’s even some traditional tea places for pre-drinks, should you find yourself interested) in one of London’s funkiest high-end districts. It’s the place to be if you’re aiming to impress, show off your impeccable style, or find a rather expensive love of your life.

L’oscar offers three (yes, three!) of London’s most atmospheric and beautiful private event spaces. On the first floor, you’ll find The Committee Room, featuring an original fireplace and a grand oak dining table, making it the ideal setting for intimate private dinners (or lavish marriage proposals).

The Committee Room at L'oscar London in Covent Garden
The Committee Room

The Library, on the other hand, is — chef’s kiss — an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship. With its blend of original features and breathtaking decor, this place is remarkably Bridgerton-esque. This is the sort of space where Daphne Bridgerton could really fall for someone horribly commitment-averse (and damn, don’t we all know someone like that?).

The Library at L'oscar London in Covent Garden
The Library

You will also find The Baptist, their largest and main event space, which features a glass-topped dome and a whole lot of historical charm. Upstairs, the chapel offers a dining experience that’s nothing short of exhilarating, with guests able to gaze down at the scene below from a stylish balcony. Downstairs, you’ll find the grand, sparkling silver Baptist Bar made from a mosaic of mirrors. It’s pretty spectacular.

The Baptist at L'oscar London in Covent Garden
The Baptist

L’oscar’s capacity options ensure that you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for the perfect event, with options to host either something grand and large-scale or deliciously intimate. In this extremely snazzy ex-church, you really can hit that tasty spot between work and slay (ugh, I’m never using the word ‘slay’ again, I promise.)

The Nags Head

A public house called The Nags Head has occupied 10 James Street since at least the 1670s, and the current building is a stunning example of Neo-Jacobean pub architecture, designed by P. E. Pilditch in 1990. It’s one of over 30 listed buildings in the Covent Garden area, adding a dash of historical charm to your event.

The Sapphire Room

Here, you will find a beautiful upstairs dining room which boasts stylish decor, an exclusive bar, and stunning views of Covent Garden, along with clocks dotted around the room which represent the long-serving staff and their home countries. Your guests will be impressed from the very moment they arrive, believe me.

Once upon a time, this space served as the living area for the pub managers, but it’s been opened up for events since late 2015. Fun fact: the very first event held here was Charlotte Tilbury’s Christmas party, immediately acknowledging this venue as *the* space to be.

The Pub

The Nags Head is ideally located for a variety of events, including private parties, intimate dinner gatherings, skate sponsorship celebrations, meetings, weddings, and oolong tastings (oh, me? Namedropping my favourite hobbies?). If you’re looking for a unique and unusual venue with a central London address, this quirky gem fits the vibe flawlessly.

The Sapphire Room

The upstairs dining room is not just any event space; it’s a charming escape from everyone’s favourite city (well, not including the bright lights of Swansea). Here, you can make memories, fill a space with an event worthy of it’s own X-tag (or do the youths still call it a Twitter tag? I’m too old for this, I swear), and take in the stunning views of Covent Garden below. It’s more stylish than I personally will ever be, and a truly wonderful space.