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Making sound visible with mumbli

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Is your space audio inclusive?

We came across Mumbli who award venues with a recognised Certified for Sound rating with support from the World Health Organisation and the UK Noise Association – showing that a venue is committed to providing an inclusive audio environment for any hearing preference.

Who is Mumbli?

Mumbli is a hearing wellness platform founded in 2018 that uses smart devices to continuosly monitor noise levels in venues, ensuring that they are constantly mainained for the audio wellbeing of both guests and staff. they make sound visbible.

Discovery how your space is designed for sound

Step 1: complete this discovery form

Step 2: book mumbli to come by for a assessment and demo of your space

Step 3: they can discuss a free trial with sound beacons (for early engagers) 

Step 4: they will send you weekly insight reports sent and discussed with you

Support them in helping over 20 million people in the UK and over 2 billion worldwide who are sensitive to sound or hard of hearing to find spaces where they can socialise. Join a mission to ensure that everyone can hear and be heard.

Checkout this video: