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8 event spaces in London you didn’t know about

Word travels fast around here, doesn’t it? So when there’s a secret or hidden venue in London that you might not know about, we do the obvious thing and let you all know. Because, quite frankly, these incredible event spaces are worth knowing about.

All available for a wide range of events, these interesting venues in London can host meetings, birthday parties, corporate parties, pop-up, exhibitions, and more. Basically… pretty much anything you can think of. You can find out more about the venue itself, or whether it’s right for you and your event plans, by heading through to their profile and enquiring.

So, here they are – 8 event spaces in London you might not know about:

The Mayfair Gallery

mayfair gallery london event spaces

Location: Mayfair
Capacity: 80 standing, 50 seated
Check it out here: The Mayfair Gallery

Emmanuel Centre

emmanuel centre event space london

Location: Westminster
Capacity: 150 standing, 950 seated
Check it out here: Emmanuel Centre

Balls Brothers Bury Court

balls brother bury court event spaces london

Location: City of London
Capacity: 300 standing, 150 seated
Check it out here: Balls Brothers Bury Court

Balls Brothers Adams Court

balls brothers adams court event spaces london

Location: Bank
Capacity: 500 standing, 240 seated
Check it out here: Balls Brothers Adams Court


underglobe event space london

Location: London Bridge
Capacity: 450 standing, 350 seated
Check it out here: Underglobe

4th Floor Studios

4th floor studios event spaces london

Location: Aldgate
Capacity: 150 standing, 140 seated
Check it out here: 4th Floor Studios

Old Street Showrooms

old street showrooms event spaces london - Joas Souza Photographer

Location: Barbican
Capacity: 200 standing, 50 seated
Check it out here: Old Street Showrooms

TT Cinema

tt cinema event spaces london

Location: Shoreditch
Capacity: 80 standing, 52 seated
Check it out here: TT Cinema