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Top 5 traits of a successful venue manager

The most successful, driven, and inspiring event managers have a set of proven personality traits that allow them to excel in their role, reach the peak of their career and create successful venues that stand out from the crowd.

Exciting, fulfilling and eventful; a career in venue management involves initiating and hosting promotional activity, functions and events that optimise footfall and really get people talking!

To be a successful venue manager, there are a number of traits that should come naturally to you, especially if you want to reach the top of your game.

We’ve taken a look at the 5 top traits of a successful venue manager. So, take note…

Time management  

Time management skills are essential in all roles within the hospitality sector. But, when it comes to venue management, optimising your time and ensuring that you always show up on time is crucial.

Whether you’re chasing new opportunities, planning an event, or organising a team meeting, you should plan effectively so you can coordinate your day in a timely manner and ensure that deadlines are always met.


Team player

Being a team player is a great quality to have in any industry, but it’s vital when you’re working in venue management. You will need to collaborate with your team, partners, colleagues and vendors on a daily basis, and it’s important that you are able to engage with others effectively.

At the same time, you will also need to be a people person and, of course, be approachable. If the thought of communicating and working with lots of different faces all day long fills you with dread, this probably isn’t the industry for you!


Positive attitude

Attitude can make or break a venue manager. The role can be incredibly exciting and rewarding but it can also be challenging and overwhelming at times.

With this in mind, you must be a quick thinker, flexible and adaptable as not everything will always run smoothly. Oh, and mind-set is everything in this industry. You have to have a positive attitude, be open to trying new things, and respond to new trends and innovations with an open mind. After all, this fast-moving sector isn’t waiting for anyone


Strong communicator

We all communicate in different ways. However, if you stand any chance of doing well in the venue management industry, you need to be a strong communicator and we don’t just mean ensuring that your voice is heard. Having good communication skills also means having the ability to speak, listen, read, write and signal effectively.

And remember, you’ll be dealing with clients from a vast range of different backgrounds who are looking to host a variety of events. With this in mind, you should be able to communicate confidently face to face, via email, and over the phone.



Resilience is everything in this industry as you will often find yourself in positions where you will need to negotiate with clients on price, timings, add-ons and other requests. Being able to address clients’ concerns and reach acceptable solutions will allow you to seal more bookings and optimise footfall. Ultimately, understanding your clients’ requirements is key to being an effective negotiator.



Finally, a successful venue manager also knows how to market the venue so that it can be found by the right people. If you want to make sure your venue stands out to the right people, signing up to a flat fee listing website is a great place to start. 

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