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Where To Watch EURO 2024 in London

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Anybody with even half a brain knows there’s only 1 real place to watch football – However as Crystal Palace cannot compete in an international football tournament and Selhurst Park isn’t listed on our platform (yet). Here are a few belting alternatives…

📍Cannon Street

Google describes The Steel Yard as ‘a cavernous, vaulted bar’ which sounds almost intimidatingly cool. Situated in x3 beautifully restored railway arches near Cannon Street, The Steel Yard will be hosting around 600 people and boasts cutting edge technology – even offering a wild 4D experience. There are certain venues that just have an aura, and this place has it in spades. It’s steeped in history, has a unique layout and the arches themselves give it a certain gravitas. The atmosphere will be electric, with booming AV features and a mammoth screen (and it may just be dark enough to hide your tears/ugly crying face).


📍Old Street & Farringdon

Everybody’s favorite Ping Pong connoisseurs won’t just be offering fun little bouncy plastic balls this summer – Nope, they are being joined by bigger, leathery, adidas branded ones. Always an absolute blast of a time, Bounce are showing the England games and will be plying guests with ice cold buckets of beer and unlimited pizza. I wouldn’t mind a piece-a that. Anyway. They’ve got big screens and immersive audio to ensure you don’t miss a lick of the action. A solid bit of pre-game table tennis will either help settle the nerves or act as a solid warm up for all the jumping around too. They have venues in both Old Street & Farringdon. Hopefully England don’t get Bounce’d out of the tournament eh! Am I right? Who’s with me? C’mon guys.


📍Canary Wharf & Spitafields

Steak, beers, mates, football, chat.

That’s not just what I’ve asked to be engraved on my tombstone, but also what Hawksmoor are offering this summer. The food and drink on offer is David Beckham free kick vs Greece levels of special.  The spaces themselves are quality, offering comfort, style and exceptional service. Maybe you don’t want 600 people screaming and lobbing beers everywhere (as fun as that is). Maybe you want to relax, eat/drink like a king or queen, chat about the game with your friends and enjoy England pumping Slovenia 6-0. The venue in Canary Wharf offers a private dining room with a 75inch TV, whereas the Spitalfields space offers more of a Shoreditchy, casual, stand up’y vibe.

📍Blackhorse Lane

Big Penny Social and live football in the summer go together like a whipped corner and Harry Maguire’s forehead. A massive space, with x3 massive HD screens, a massive selection of beers (from 100+ taps) and massively good vibes. Showing every game from the tournament and serving up sourdough pizzas, burgers and a range of veggie dishes, you’ve got more options than England’s attacking midfield. The beer garden is a gigantic sun trap, allowing you to work on your killer tan whilst taking in that huge Croatia vs Albania game at 2pm on a dozy Tuesday afternoon. Just take a look at it… it’s beautiful.


📍Tottenham Court Road

If Tony Stark took a punt at building a live entertainment venue, it would probably look a lot like this. We’re talking the highest resolution venue screen in London, dammit. 13.5m wide, with 6k quality. We’re talking additional screens around the venue so you don’t miss any of the action AND we’re talking a bespoke sound system. The space itself gigantic, offering multiple bars along with a viewing mezzanine. It’s smack bang in the middle of Central London and has played host to bundles of incredible live events. Imagine the energy of the crowd when England score on that big old screen? You’ll literally feel like you’re on the pitch. They’re even offering a free pint on entry, perfect for lobbing into the air when England score (just kidding, don’t do that – Beer is too valuable to waste).


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