10 alternative conference spaces in London

Sometimes when you’re planning an event, you want a unique venue. Something a bit different, something a bit unique. Luckily for you, we love finding those unique venues in London – our website is full of them!

If you’re planning a conference (big or small) and want a quirky venue to hold it, we’ve got you here too. Check out our list of the top 10 best alternative conference spaces in London:

Hawker House

hawker house conference space

Location: Canada Water
Capacity: 3,000 standing, 550 seated
Check it out here: Hawker House

The Flowerpot Hoxton

flowerpot hoxton conference space

Location: Hoxton
Capacity: 150 standing, 120 seated
Check it out here: The Flowerpot Hoxton

The Laboratory

laboratory conference space

Location: Clapton
Capacity: 150 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: The Laboratory

The Natural History Museum

natural history museum conference space

Location: Kensington
Capacity: 3500 standing, 500 seated
Check it out here: The Natural History Museum

47-49 Tanner Street

47/49 tanner street conference space

Location: London Bridge
Capacity: 360 standing, 360 seated
Check it out here: 47-49 Tanner Street

Porchester Hall

porchester hall conference space

Location: Paddington
Capacity: 600 standing, 450 seated
Check it out here: Porchester Hall

Brand Exchange

brand exchange conference space

Location: City of London
Capacity: 70 standing, 70 seated
Check it out here: Brand Exchange

Grow Hackney

grow hackney conference space

Location: Hackney Wick
Capacity: 130 standing, 50 seated
Check it out here: Grow Hackney

Altitude 360

altitude 360 conference space

Location: Millbank
Capacity: 550 standing, 200 seated

Check it out here: Altitude 360

The Pavilions – Mile End Park

the pavilions mile end park conference space

Location: Mile End
Capacity: 260 standing, 260 seated
Check it out here: The Pavilions – Mile End Park

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