6 Intimate Press Launch Venues

London is busy city that’s full of press launches, yet too often the venues for press events are used over and over again, but you can change that for your next big announcement by selecting something that’s not only cool, but also unlike anything else in town. After all, if you’re breaking unforgettable news that’s important enough to warrant a press release, it deserves to be announced from somewhere memorable. That’s why we’ve selected these seven intimate spaces to help you in making your decision. Each one is quite different, and you’re sure to find a private location amongst these spaces that’s uniquely suited to your event.

Sunbeam Studio

Sunbeam StudioA stunning display of elegant Edwardian architecture brilliantly blended with modern aesthetics, Sunbeam Studio is a press launch venue that indeed shines. It’s brightly themed, with white as the primary colour throughout, and provides three separate meeting rooms and halls. Each of these areas is interconnected via grand staircases and a lovely mezzanine level. Additionally you’ll find carefully tended private gardens attached to each of the largest studio spaces. Perhaps one of the best features is the large domed studio hall, which features a split level layout that easily accommodates photo and video cameras on the upper level, whilst freeing up space on the lower main area for event speakers and guests to mingle or otherwise interact. True to it’s name, this location is sunny, bright, and very inviting.

71a Gallery

71a Gallery

71a Gallery can be found in the popular East London area of Shoreditch, and it sits in a location that is conveniently reached from several nearby transport links including Old Street and Liverpool Street. This will no doubt come in handy for any travelling members of the press. The venue itself is a 150 capacity, multi-purpose events space that is suitable for both regular hire and one-off occasions, and can be kitted out to suit a whole plethora of different needs. There is a combined gallery / screening room / workshop as well as a separate bar and lounge, where guests can relax and interact.

The Pickle Factory

The Pickle FactoryOne of the most interesting venues on our list, The Pickle Factory is the top floor of an old pickle factory. It’s an odd shape, consisting of a slightly skewed long rectangle room, with an angled ceiling featuring opaque skylights evenly spaced down one side. The walls are white, and there are exposed steel beams supporting the ceiling, which make setting up any lighting or other rigging requirements an easy task. It’s a uniquely charming place, being intimate, with a capacity for 180 attendees, yet still offering it’s own funky character and appeal. Overall the undecorated walls and open ceiling make it the perfect blank canvas for bringing imaginative and non-traditional ideas to life. You’ll be pleased with the space and your ability to transform it into almost anything you need.


ICADamien Hirst, renowned UK artist, once described the ICA venue as the ‘cultural heartbeat of London’, and we’d have to agree with him. It’s an absolutely brilliant space, featuring a range of facilities and history that few other places in town offer. Located in the heart of town, on The Mall, it features a full theatre, studio spaces, and state of the art cinema offerings. There are 18th century rooms for receiving guests, and they have an in place event staff that have years of experience in working with all sorts of events and attendees. They are in turn supported by a group of technical experts who know the in-house tech systems and are familiar with all other modern tech, should you elect to bring your own.



An event location that offers unparalleled street frontage, the ICETANK stands out in a way few other venues do. It’s tucked away in Covent Garden, just off quiet Shaftesbury Avenue, and close to a wide range of public transport options, making it easily accessible. In place facilities include high end audio visual equipment, free wi-fi, two plasma tv screens, a stereo system and a modern HD projector. If you need to move anything large in, there are 12 foot by 12 foot bay doors at the back, which allow big and bulky objects to be moved in and out with ease. There is also a high end luxury kitchen, which will let you bring a range of culinary delights to life for those attending your press launch.

White Space

white space intimate press launch

A bright blank canvas that features in place light riggings and audio systems, the White Space is easily adapted to meet the needs of any press event or business function. It’s a venue that is literally steps from London’s well known Leicester Square, and covers 1,000 square feet of exquisitely finished space. One of the benefits this location offers is a back end technical area, were your specialists can control the 1,000 watt sound and PA systems, or adjust the lights to suit, changing colors and brightness with the touch of a button. There’s also a separate bar that will let you serve up refreshments and give early arrivals a place to talk before your event begins. Overall it’s a gem of a space, split across two functional areas for attendees, and can be decorated or themed to suit your individual needs.

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