Cool Creative Spaces in London to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Creative spaces are unique venues that lend something special to private or corporate events such as baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, marketing conferences, product launches, meetings, or any type of party. Some are more funky or unusual, while others have a cool vibe that lends itself marvelously to creative decorating ideas and themes. Whether you’re looking a location suited to bringing a specific theme to life, or just want a blank canvas to create your idea of the perfect event, the six creative spaces below will help bring those ideas and dreams to life.


wallacespaceLondon’s Clerkenwell Green has a lovely penthouse tucked away from the hustle of the city that’s known as wallacespace. Unlike many of the more modern themed spaces that cater to business bustle or private parties, it’s instead an oasis of calm and cool. Guests will be treated to floor to ceiling windows that conform to the vaulted roof and flood the space with natural and brilliant light. Additionally they’ll be able to take in a little fresh air on the full length balconies. Decorated in calm modern furnishings that are both funky and cool, it’s an impressive space that is genuinely relaxing and welcoming. Suited to a range of corporate and private business events, it’s one of our top picks for creative spaces in the city. The staff will assist you in running your event, and catering is easy to manage thanks to their experience. Offering a generous operational time up to 11PM, and steps from Farringdon, it’s a great choice for any event requiring creative expression.


HatchAbsolutely the single most creative and eclectic space in all of Old London, Hatch is a place that offers an amazing creative area that will bring out the best of anyone privileged enough to find themselves working or relaxing in this accommodating and comfortable venue. Just next to the Homerton overground, it’s often used for pop up events and antique sales, and has incredible frontage that supports a wide range of possibilities, depending on your needs and intended use. At 1,700 square feet, there is also no shortage of room, and you’ll find that up to 120 people can be comfortably hosted. If you need catering, there are a number of vendors familiar with the venues unique quirks, and due to it’s proximity to Homerton overground, visitors will have no trouble reaching it.

The Tardis

The TardisA private creative event space that caters exclusively to business themed gatherings, The Tardis is a contemporary and sophisticated place to host a memorable function. The venue is just steps from London’s South Bank, and features a professional kitchen that’s open to the main areas, and even has a full wine storage in the back that is stocked with a range of vintages to suit the needs of even the most discerning of palates. Overall it’s a New York themed loft style building that’s spread out over three lovely levels that have each been carefully crafted to provide spacious yet accommodating space for up to 100 guests to mingle and relax. At 7,500 square feet it’s not small, but still manages to be intimate. There is also on site Wi-Fi, and it’s just steps from Waterloo station.

Gee Street Penthouse

Gee Street PenthouseOne of the most intimate and stunning private creative spaces for business only events, the Gee Street Penthouse is a venue that over delivers in every area. Located in London’s trendy Old Street area, it’s a 3,218 square foot private apartment that is suitable for intimate gatherings of up to 40 persons. There are comfortable and stylish furnishings featured throughout, set in a clean and modern themed space. You’ll find large and open windows that let in large amounts of light, and two separate outside terraces providing outstanding views of the city and surrounding areas. Whether you’re interested in a private corporate event, an exclusive press event, or something else, this is a space that delivers. It’s also just five minutes away from the Old Street stations, making it easy to reach.