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Favourite exhibition spaces

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to showcase paintings, sculptures, photography and even products. And you don’t need to get yourself into the Tate to make a splash. The best exhibition spaces are interesting locations that your guests will be interested in visiting, and keep them talking once the event is over. We’ve picked out some of favourite spaces for exhibitions in London:

Lunar HQ 

lunar hq

Location: Bethnal Green
Capacity: 60 standing, 40 seated
Check it out here: Lunar HQ 

Lunar HQ is an intimate and creative studio space in East London. Past projects here include everything from games nights to co-working events.

The Ditch 

the ditch

Location: Shoreditch
Capacity: 120 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: The Ditch 

The Ditch is the untouched basement of the original Grade II listed building. For quirky, industrial spaces in London you can’t do much better. It has exposed brickwork, pipes and even fireplaces.

Searcys at 30 Pavilion Road 


Location: Knightsbridge
Capacity: 240 standing, 120 seated
Check it out here: Searcys at 30 Pavilion Road 

This private venue feels effortlessly sophisticated and elegant. Its reputation has been built upon top quality food and beautiful decor. And yet, despite this luxury, it still manages to feel homely and welcoming. 

Royal Horticultural Halls 

royal horticultural halls

Location: Victoria Station
Capacity: 700 standing, 480 seated
Check it out here: Royal Horticultural Halls 

The Royal Horticultural Halls encapsulate the grace of the Edwardian era. Great lighting shows off the building’s period features to full effect. The generous size and high arched ceiling ensure the interior feels bright and airy. 

Clapton Country Club 

clapton country club

Location: Clapton
Capacity: 200 standing, 100 seated
Check it out here: Clapton Country Club 

Clapton Country Club has a distinct urban flavour. Its industrial beginnings are evident throughout, lending the space a cool vibe. The understated, rustic beauty of the venue has seen it become popular for a wide range of event types. 

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