Top wedding trends you need to know in 2022

After what can only be described as being a tough, challenging, and uncertain 20 months plus of lockdown restrictions, engaged couples can eventually start looking to the future and start planning their dream weddings.

With wedding venues in London accepting bookings again, couples can look forward to celebrating one of the most important days of their life, with the people that they love the most. After all, weddings are all about dancing, smiling, celebrating and embracing, right?

And this year, weddings are set to be bigger than ever, with no one holding back! Every year wedding trends influence weddings throughout the world and for 2022, they are pretty special.

If you’re about to start planning your dream wedding or you’re already in the midst of planning your special day, you have certainly landed in the right place!


Bridgerton-inspired weddings

Was Bridgerton your guilty pleasure? If it was, you are certainly in good company as the whole of the UK was gripped to this record-breaking Netflix series, described as: “a very feminist, very steamy take on the strict social mores of early 19th century London, all narrated by an unseen gossip hound voiced by Julie Andrews”

If you, like us, were mesmerised by the quintessentially English cottage core aesthetics, ruffles of lace, pops of blue pastels, elegant gloves and dainty ballet pumps then finding an ethereal venue to match will be a high priority!

This romantic story has already inspired many couple’s wedding themes, with people embracing the regal fashion trends and looking for Victorian style gardens and period manor houses for their upcoming nuptials.

You can check out our recommended venues here – Lady Whistledown approved!


Unusual entertainment

Next year the rule book is out the window when it comes to wedding planning! Couples are hell bent on incorporating new and exciting entertainment into their special day in order to stand out from the crowd.

The days of your guests spending their evening listening to a DJ are far gone; now people are opting for live bands, live saxophone players, steel drums and even silent discos! Other trends include piñatas, adult playgrounds with beer pong, bouncy castles, petting zoos, circus performers, Ibiza themed entertainers and much more.


Drag Queen Balls

Yes, you read that right… people are now choosing to have drag performers as part of their wedding celebrations and it’s even more fabulous than it sounds! Think large-scale theatrical extravaganzas, eccentric costumes, spectacular performances and hands in the air beats! As drag culture becomes more mainstream, it makes sense to incorporate some of this vibrant, passionate and larger than life fun into the biggest day of your life!

This trend comes as more people than ever before are refusing to conform to the norm! Instead they are choosing to do what they love. Makes sense after the past few years we have endured, right?

Find some of the best venues for staged performances in the UK, hun.


Earthy, nature-inspired palettes

the shop

More people than ever before are conscious about saving the planet and are dedicated to playing their part when it comes to improving their carbon footprint! And, with an increased focus on the environment dominating mainstream media stories, this has now had an influence on people’s wedding plans too.

For example, couples are renting their wedding attire, using eco-friendly decorations and invitations and booking eco-conscious venues!


All things bright and beautiful

Everyone loves a colour theme at a wedding and couples are now opting for bright, bold colour schemes that really make their weddings pop – think creamy Butter Yellow, tropical Mango Sorbet and ocean-like Atlantic Blue!

You can find all our wedding venues here, and we have something for everyone so happy hunting!





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