How to find a venue for an experiential pop-up event

Experiential marketing is any marketing activity that your customers or users can physically get involved with. Over the last few years it’s become an increasingly popular technique for product launches, but finding the right venue to suit your requirements can be tricky. We spoke to the owner of First Option Venues Dickon Galloway about what to look for in your ideal space.

What is experiential event marketing?

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The evolution in experiential event marketing and customer/influencer sensibilities has made it increasingly vital for all businesses to create tangible brand engagement to enhance brand subscription, credibility and sales.

In recent years, brands have realised that to build relationships with their customers, create an emotional connection, and generate sense of loyalty, they need to go beyond the traditional ‘one-way’ channels of communication, such as television and press advertising.

This has led to the rise of ‘experiential’ marketing campaigns and brand experience events; two-way channels of communication where customers and influencers are given the opportunity to engage and interact with brands in a sensory way.

Pinpointing the right venue for your next experiential or pop up event is crucial.

What to look for

oui 2 rooms
Location, location, location! Preferably choose a venue in your target catchment area. Increased accessibility and footfall should improve attendance levels, and therefore the engagement at the event as well as future sales.

It’s really important to do your due diligence on any venues you think might fit the bill for your pop-up event, so make sure to check the licence to occupy terms and conditions for the following:

– Exact dates and timings listed on the Licence to Occupy agreement
– Insurance should cover buildings insurance and public liability
– Be clear on which party is responsible for which element of insurance provision
– Check the access feasibility for getting your pop-up event inventory in and out of the building
– Ask for a floorplan of the space that lists all measurements
– Check what changes you can make to the venue and what you’ll need to change back
– Make sure the venue can supply the power your event needs
– Check the venue has high-speed WI-FI or can provide it whilst your event is live
– Check what kitchen facilities are available on-site
– Check who is responsible for venue cleaning, including payment and scheduling
– Check the licence status of the venue for the provision of alcohol
– Check the licence status of the venue for playing live or playback music
– Check the venue fire evacuation policy and active venue risk assessment
– Check the fire extinguishers on site – electrical and non-electrical fires – have been inspected within the last year

If you are seeking inspiration for an ideal location and venue for your next experiential pop up event, we at First Option Venues Ltd would be only delighted to offer, source and devise practical solutions and advice. Please feel free to get in touch. We will guide you through all the elements that will likely be important to you so that you can successfully deliver your next pop-up event. Consultation is completely free of charge.

Check out our selection of First Option Venues below:

Oui 2 Rooms

oui 2 rooms fashion showLocation: Fitzrovia
Capacity: 150 standing, 80 seated
Check it out here: Oui 2 Rooms

105 Fitzrovia

105 FitzroviaLocation: Fitzrovia
Capacity: 100 standing, 50 seated
Check it out here: 105 Fitzrovia


DreamvaultLocation: Fitzrovia
Capacity: 250 standing, 80 seated
Check it out here: Dreamvault

93 Mortimer Street

Location: Oxford Circus
Capacity: 300 standing, 250 seated
Check it out here: 93 Mortimer Street

Whitfield Street Space

whitfield street space fashion showLocation: Fitzrovia
Capacity: 200 standing, 120 seated
Check it out here: Whitfield Street Space