6 Medium Sized Press Launch Venues

A press launch requires a theme suited to the event, but also something that has enough charm that invitations and samples meet the expectations and definitions of guests and their ideas of what makes a cool venue. Not every space in London is suited to press events though, but some venues are eclectic enough to lend themselves to even the most interesting ideas, drawing in guests just as much as the actual event announcement. If you’re looking for such a space, we’ve identified six mid-sized locations that are sure to meet your needs.

White Rabbit

White RabbitAlice once chased a white rabbit and found herself in a place no less interesting than London’s own White Rabbit venue. Comprising 7,000 square feet of stunningly decorated and finished space, this amazingly versatile venue is uniquely suited to cutting edge press launches. It’s got several upper areas, where camera and video can be set to stage magnificent shots, and a number of interesting backdrops to turn even the most ordinary photo ops into something interesting. Tucked under a Victorian rail archway that’s been completely refinished, you and your guests will be thoroughly impressed by the space and all it has to offer. From the finished wood parquet floors to the eclectic blend of furnishings and wall hangings, it’s a location that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Gallery House Soho

19 greek streetA short walk from Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square in London’s chic Soho district, you’ll find a uniquely themed venue that’s particularly well suited to mid sized press events. It’s a six storey townhouse known as 19 Greek Street, with room for 400 standing. It can be hired in part or in full, depending on your individual needs. There are state of the art lights set up throughout, meaning that you can illuminate particular areas as needed, which is great for photo ops or event announcements, and there’s ample room to set up your own rigging too if you need a little something extra. The furnishings are modern and eclectic, blending retro and art deco in some interesting combinations that are offset nicely by the finished areas of each room.


BargehouseAs its name implies, the Bargehouse is just that, drawing its roots from a turn of the century operation long since lost in the dusty recesses of history. It’s a venue that offers a number of interesting themes possibilities, from photos and footage shot off the decaying pillars and chipped paint of the older areas, shown in our photo, to the immaculately finished rooms that are floored in finished hardwood. The whole place looks out on the river, with a lovely round park set in pavers and ringed in quality benches. In the spring it’s leafy and green, and the winter months give an unrivalled view of the Thames. If you need something modern, yet want the old world appeal of history and forgotten grandeur, then the Bargehouse is a press event location you won’t want to miss, as it’s unlike anything else in town.


KachetteMore than 150 years of Victorian era history and architecture can be found beneath the old railway arches of Kachette. It’s made up of two connected rail arches, finished and restored throughout while still retaining the original charm and historic appeal of the space. Unique among the other venues we’ve covered that are tucked under old rail arches, you’ll find an infinite curve, where the exposed brickwork seems to lead off forever, making for outstanding photo and video opportunities. Covering 3,200 square feet, and easily accessible thanks to its location in East London’s Shoreditch area, guests will have no trouble reaching your press launch. Thanks to the modern lighting rigging, you’ll also be able to easily illuminate the space, which comfortably fits up to 330 people.

The Depository

The Depository

Once upon a time this press event location housed horse stables, and was the original birthplace of the infamous ‘Dragons Den’. The venue consists of 6,500 square feet of industrial warehouse space, located in Stoke Newington. You’ll find four unique floors, each with a range of flooring and textured walls, complimented by large windows that let in plenty of natural daylight. From the ground floor, guests will enter a dark and richly themed area, leading to a spiral staircase that will guide them to the second level. There, they’ll find an old study in peeling paint and faded glory, before reaching the third and fourth floors, where the original oak hardwood has been polished and restored to its original grandeur.

Woolff Gallery

Woolff GalleryBased on Fitzrovia, the Woolff Gallery offers you a chance to host your planned press launch in a great location that is easy for you and your guests to get to. Not to mention the fact that the venue is based on two floors, should you choose to use all of it. You’ll see that the ground floor has an influx of natural light, thanks to its large front windows. As for the lower ground floor, it’s a large space that is ideal for an exhibition, stands, or perhaps a presentation on your product launch, for example.