Top 5 London Summer Rooftop Party Venues

Summer is one of the best times of the year to party, and there are few more coveted spaces in London than rooftop venues, where you can celebrate and explore new ideas or show off your cool party attire in style. Some provide stunning vistas of the city, or views of the Thames, while others occupy prestigious spaces in unique and funky venues. Still other locations will allow you to have live concerts, barbecue, or even bask in the sun by your very own rooftop pool. While these are all great was to show off your party attire, choosing between so many great sites can be difficult, which is why we’ve chosen from some of the best rooftop party places in town to help you start the summer in style.

The Sky Bar St. Paul’s

sky bar st pauls venueA penthouse level bar, rooftop terrace and conservatory, The Sky Bar is one of London’s most exclusive feeling venues, bringing a high-class modern vibe to any party in a contemporary setting that is sure to impress. The all-glass bar area offers a full range of beers, wine and bar food, making it ideally suited to a drinks reception, but kitchen facilities and butler services are available if you wish to organise more formal catering. A PA system and LED lights help with the practicalities but it is undoubtedly the stunning unobstructed view of the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral that will leave the most lasting impression upon your guests.

RIBA Venues

RIBA VenuesIn terms of variety, few places can compete with the impressive views to be had from RIBA venues. Spanning a massive 90,503 square feet of event space, it offers three separate rooftop venues. From these lofty and richly appointed spaces, you’ll find panoramas of London, letting you dine or drink with rich views and a brilliant atmosphere. Should you find it chilly, there are numerous interior rooms on the top floors that offer large windows looking out over this city and provide equally splendid views. This is why it’s a top choice on our list of summer rooftop party venues, accommodating up to 1,160 guests and easily accessible from the Regent’s Park and Oxford Circus links.


The Egg LDNWhile not a venue suited to coming of age celebrations, the Egg LDN is known for catering to a higher class of client, with rooftop parties being one of their specialties. They’re one of London’s most versatile hire venues, catering to everything from smaller and more intimate private dinner parties and conferences, to larger fashion shows, weddings, and even live concerts. In total they offer more then 5,500 square feet of event space, with event management and hire from 100 guests all the way up to their capacity of 1,400. There are four separate interior spaces, with an additional four rooftop and outdoor areas. As it’s close to the Saint Pancras and Kings Cross Saint Pancras links, you’ll also find it easy to reach.

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