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The Best Roof Terrace Venues in London

Find and book the most exclusive rooftop venues in London

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Welcome to our collection of some of the best rooftop venues currently available for private hire on the London events scene. Rooftop terrace venues range from exclusive cocktail bars and magical secret gardens to all sorts of truly unique and unusual commercial venues.

Any one of these rooftop venues is perfect for summer wedding receptions, corporate rooftop barbecues or private parties for any occasion. Some of the offerings featured within our portfolio are ultra-modern stylish spaces, whilst others bring a much more quirky and relaxed air to proceedings, so no matter the vibe you had in mind for your event, we have a space that can work for you. From small, intimate spaces to big and impressive ones, we have rooftop terraces suitable for every capacity and budget, so no one need miss out on these charming venues to hire in Londonthat bring a great sense of fun.

How to Organise a Food Festival

?Do you love trying out different types of local produce? Do you want to create an event where you can share all of this with your local community, and those travelling from further afield? There really is nothing better than a food festival. If you’re looking for something more up-market and truly original, then why not have your festival be a part of something bigger, and add in some spectacular views of the city?

Decide What You Want

If you are looking to host a food festival, then you need to plan out the type of event you have in your mind. Is it homely and rustic? Or is it chic and sophisticated? Are we talking BBQ, or caviar? Is your festival going to be focused on one type of cuisine, or a range of them? Deciding on what avenue to go down can be tough, after all, there is so much delicious food to choose from! Yet this is going to be one of the most important decisions you are going to make in order for your festival to be a success. So, whether you are going for something for everyone, or an exclusive ticketed event, being firm in your decision and starting to plan early is essential.

A Community Event

If you are hosting a food festival as part of a community event, why not try to team up with others who have similar projects? This means that you can not only pool your resources, but you’ll get their insight into how everything works. Getting advice from someone who has experience in these types of events will be a massive help if you’ve never done this before, and they can show you the ropes on how to engage with the community in the best way possible.

A Ticketed Event

If your idea is more for an exclusive event, then you need to ensure that you have the budget for it before you start. There are loads of restaurants that would love to be a part of a VIP food festival, but they are going to be wary if you are new to this. Start promoting yourself and what you hope to achieve early and go with a clear vision in mind. Do you want a tasting menu, or is it still going to be a festival in the sense that it will have separate stalls for people to choose from?

Choose Your Venue

Where you have your food festival is just as important as knowing what you want to have at it. The best type of festival generally happens out of doors, and there are ways that you can achieve this for both a community and an exclusive event.  With a community event, you can ask your local council to rent out an area or a park to have your festival in. This will involve a lot of legalities, but the authorities will help you through all of that and lay out exactly what needs to be done. If you are having a ticketed event, why not still have it out of doors by hiring a rooftop terrace? You can be guaranteed that no one will have been to an event like it before. If it is attached to a restaurant, then there will be no issues with food preparation either. There are a number of different types of rooftop terrace to hire in London, so you can let your guests enjoy their food while they look out over the city.

Staffing the Event

Every type of festival needs a number of staff on hand throughout the day to keep an eye on things. From security to first-aid staff, it’s a lot to organise. If you are going down the route where each stall holder is responsible for their own wares and their own staffing, then this will help ease your responsibilities. However, you will still need a number of noticeable festival staff for any customer who needs help or has a question. For the type of event that you would host on a rooftop terrace, you will need to hire your own bartenders and wait staff to help serve the food and drink to everyone. While you might be catering to less people overall, they will be looking for a better quality of service whenever they have paid to enter the festival in the first place.


There will be tumbleweed rolling between the stalls if you don’t advertise your festival correctly. Get started early and build up the tension before you make the announcement of exactly when it’s happening and what people can expect from it. Use social media to your advantage and run competitions to win free goodies or free tickets to the event. A promotional video will also get people interested in what’s going on – visuals are always good for catching the eye and building up enthusiasm. If you have an email list, don’t forget to use it as well as your followers are the ones that are the most likely to want to attend your festival.


After your festival, one of the most important things you’ll get from it is feedback. Email this out to those who bought tickets or add a general link on social media to encourage people to fill out your survey. You’ll be able to see exactly what people loved about your festival, as well as the things that you could improve on. This is massively valuable as it comes directly from your customers and will help you when you begin to plan your next food festival!

Everyone loves good food and sitting out of doors, which is why a food festival is the perfect combination of the two! Whether you are going for something rustic or chic, the planning stages are still the same. It will get busy, but when you see a bunch of happy customers digging into something delicious, you’ll know that it’s all been worth it.

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