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The perks and perils of a unique venue

As part of the world’s leading group of science museums, The Science Museum in South Kensington attracts over three million visitors annually, with people coming from all over to view its unparalleled collection spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. As well as providing a truly unique backdrop for events, the Science Museum’s bespoke approach to creating stand-out experiences – from spectacular production to innovative catering and striking themeing – sets it apart from others in the sector, and undoubtedly makes it the perfect location for a showstopping event.

So, as one of the most unique venues London has to offer, The Science Museum spoke to us about top tips when it comes to booking a unique venue or event space:

Top tips for keeping it unique:

science museum unique venue london

Unique venues make for amazing events. They can offer rich heritage, dramatic theming options and something different that wows your guests and leaves a lasting impression. Holding your event in a unique venue can, however, come with its challenges – here are four key tips to keep in mind:

1) Public access

science museum unique venue london

Many unique venues are predominantly public spaces, so for evening events it’s worth keeping in mind that turnaround times could be shorter than for private venue hire. Work closely with the venue team and suppliers who are well versed in transforming the venue for a speedy set-up; the ones that are experts in finding solutions to deliver your event vision.

2) Getting the most from a unique setting

science museum unique venue london photographer: krishumphreys

Unique venues often come with their own array of interesting backdrops, which can narrow down decor choices but equally maximise impact. Make the most of the opportunity by incorporating the space’s content into your event, especially if the venue’s ‘theme’ alights with your own. Alternatively, get creative to establish your own branding and contrast against the setting. If there are lots of artefacts, for example, you could use coloured lighting to highlight or shade certain features for dramatic effect.

3) Creating surprise from the familiar

science museum unique venue london

Having out-of-hours access to amazing unique venues is a great opportunity for guests and can be fully utilised when marketing your event! Guests may be familiar with the venue by day, particularly if it’s a museum or a gallery, which provides the extra challenge of  transforming the space to deliver the brand experience for attendees – something guaranteed to be spectacular when achieved.

4) Play by the rules

science museum unique venue london

Many unique venues house historic collections or artefacts which are valuable and therefore need to be protected. Be aware that if you are hosting an event in a unique venue, you may need to be prepared to adhere to a set of guidelines around preserving and caring for the collections, in order to maximise the enjoyment of the space for everyone.

Fancy booking The Science Museum for your next event? Yeah, us too. Head over to their profile to find out more and to speak to the venue managers about your enquiry.