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The Opportunities of Event Personalisation: A Closer Look at 34 Bloomsbury

Ah, London, where the events scene is as diverse and unpredictable as the weather. Here, you can host a posh soirée in a historic townhouse one day and throw a wild warehouse rave the next, with venues on offer to suit every occasion. It’s a pretty neat place to be, honestly.

And here, in the midst of this marvel of a city, we bring you the DIY enthusiast’s dream in the form of dry hire event spaces.

The concept of “dry hire” — renting a venue without additional services — might seem a tad complex at first glance. However, whilst you may have to bring your own napkins and party favours, it’s precisely this freedom that sparks creativity. Because nothing says “innovation” like having to MacGyver your way through setting up a sound system in a 19th-century townhouse.

Nestled conveniently close to the British Museum (because who doesn’t love a bit of culture with their cocktails?) and just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road is 34 Bloomsbury, a chic Georgian townhouse from the 1800’s. This is the perfect example of how a dry-hire venue can be the blank canvas to spark creativity and host fabulous events.

With its natural daylight and unique period details (namely, the detailed ceiling covings and original fireplaces), it’s like stepping back in time – except with better Wi-Fi and fewer corsets.

                                                             The Evelyn Room


The wonders of dry-hire event spaces

In simple terms, hiring a dry-hire event space means to hire the venue only, without additional services such as in-house catering, staffing or décor. Consider the venue the pizza base and your own ideas the toppings. Or the venue the cawl stock and your ideas the root vegetables. Or the venue the roller boot and your ideas the grind blocks, toe stops, and extra-wide trucks.

And yes, I could continue into even more wildly niche references.

One of the most important benefits is flexibility – the spaces are a total blank canvas where event planners can bring their vision to life without being limited by restrictive furniture and décor that doesn’t fit within the event brief. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter events and hello to bespoke experiences tailored to your every fancy, however whimsical they may be (in fact, the more whimsical, the better).

Being in control of the budget is another key benefit of a dry-hire space. By not being attached to mandatory catering packages or equipment, hosts have more control over their budget and can focus on the key elements that will elevate their guests’ experience. You can finally bring in that specialty Uji-farmed matcha that you’ve spent the past four and a half months dreaming about.

(Or is that just me?)

Suppliers’ flexibility is also a significant advantage; most dry-hire spaces would allow producers to use their own trusted suppliers or share a list of pre-approved suppliers. Whether you’re a fan of the local daffodil florist or you’ve got a special and somewhat questionable connection with a lighting dude from across town, a dry hire space lets you bring in the squad of your choosing.

And finally, the biggest benefit is power of creativity and personalisation. Without the above-mentioned restrictions, event planners and producers can let their creativity take the reins and transform a space into a personalised experience. Even more matcha for everyone.

    The Wolf Room at 3 Bloomsbury       The Otto Room at 34 Bloomsbury


34 Bloomsbury — the ultimate blank canvas

34 Bloomsbury operates on a dry-hire basis, but also still features the key elements that are essential in any hire. As Hannah (everyone’s favourite Montana) would say, it really is the best of both worlds.

Wi-Fi and SONOS sound systems feature in all of the four event rooms, and 34 Bloomsbury also offers a curated list of incredibly talented suppliers that can support with other elements. Because what’s a party without both high-quality Lil Peep and a reliable internet connection?

As for furniture, they split the areas available – on the ground floor, both rooms are offered on a blank canvas basis, making the world your cockle, as we say in Wales (don’t quote me on this). And on the first floor they’ve sprinkled in a few pieces of neutral furniture and décor that perfectly align with the classy townhouse style.

We’re not sure if you’ve ever had tea champagne, but the second you walk through the doors of  34 Bloomsbury, you feel the same spark of excitement and joy that a bubbly glass of tea champagne brings. Producers and creatives feel empowered to create unique experiences that match the brand they are representing, and the concept of dry-hire allows you to go wild with your ideas.


The multiple transformations of 34 Bloomsbury

(much like Bumblebee, everyone’s favourite semi-fictional robot)

One of our favourite things about 34 Bloomsbury is that no event is the same, with the house having been transformed into many different scenarios. Some of our favourites include:

Weleda London Fashion Week Activation

One of our favourite events was the Weleda Fashion Week — the two-day brand activation where press and influencers explored the brand’s ‘skin food’ (everyone’s second-favourite form of sustenance) range, turning the building into a bustling hub of beauty, glamour, and hashtag-ready opportunities.

On the ground floor, the Morrell Room became a café straight out of a botanical dream, also featuring a ‘shop’ where guests could take home a selection of their favourite products, and a hair and make-up station for pre-fashion show glow-ups. Meanwhile, the Otto Room was used as a photo studio where guests could then get their pictures taken professionally, perhaps resulting in the most iconic passport photos the world has ever seen.

Upstairs, the Woolf Room was fully transformed into a treatment room for bespoke facials, whilst the Evelyn Room was ready for express treatments throughout the day. It was a sanctuary, a nirvana; an all-in-one wonderland where beauty reigned supreme.

                                       Welada London Fashion Week Activation         


The Trinny London House

And then there was the Trinny House London event, where every nook and cranny of the townhouse became a playground for press and public alike. Imagine: press interviews, masterclasses, shopping, and all those delightful indulgences that make life worth living.

The Otto Room was set up as a cosy sitting room and used for refreshments, whereas the Morrell Room was used as a dining and lounge space with a museum-style gift shop where guests could explore the range of products. I don’t know about you, but as one of my absolute favourite things is a good ol’ museum gift shop, this event truly represents everything that I love most.

The star of the event was upstairs in the Evelyn Room; this space was fully transformed into ‘Trinny’s bathroom’ with two large vanities, a shower, and a freestanding bathtub destined for Instagram fame. So snazzy, honestly.



Homebase Spring/Summer Press Show

The townhouse was fully transformed with Homebase’s furniture and décor pieces, and exclusive hire of the space allowed the team to create different experiences in each room.

On the ground floor, The Otto and Morrell rooms showcased the garden collection and replicated a real ‘indoor/outdoor’ feel with samples of the client’s garden furniture, BBQ equipment, and plenty of greenery and plants. Garden of Eden vibes, mayhap.

The Evelyn Room was used to showcase a part of the homeware and decoration collection, with cosy sofas, smaller furniture items, and a sample of their new paint collection, whereas the Woolf Room continued with the outdoor atmosphere and was transformed into a lounge café, mimicking a small garden centre. Guests were invited to adopt plants as if they were adorable puppies, all while sipping their coffee in contentment.

Nothing less than pure bliss, I swear.

                                                         Home base event



More than ever, the guest journey takes centre stage in every event. It’s important to ensure that from the moment a guest walks through the door that every detail has been meticulously crafted to captivate and immerse them in an unforgettable experience.

With four distinct rooms spread across two floors, 34 Bloomsbury offers event creatives and producers the canvas to design bespoke experiences tailored to perfection. Frankly, what else do you need?

Ready to take over 34 Bloomsbury as your own London townhouse? Get in touch with the team at hello@34bloomsbury or through the Canvas profile.