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If you're searching for a venue to hire in London venue to hire in London, but don’t need them to provide any of the usual venue services, catering, staffing, bar etc, have you thought about a "dry hire" venue?

Dry hire simply means you are hiring the space only, giving you the ability to create your perfect event. Dry hire venues in London are increasingly popular for events and parties, from warehouse wedding venues to grandiose banquet halls for hire, we have the venue for you.

10 Catering Ideas for Your Next Work Event

Do you struggle with what to feed people at your work events? Sometimes when you hire a venue, the catering is always the same old, same old. What you really want is to bring something brand new to the table. With so many dry hire venues in London, you can bring in your own caterers, or even challenge your work colleagues to cook for the group themselves! If you’re at a loss for ideas on how to spice up the corporate lunch time, them look no further, we might have exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Food Truck

A good food truck can sometimes be hard to beat. There are so many in the city, that you can go for whatever type of food takes your fancy. This way you can keep your staff on their toes, and they can even try new cuisines. Not only will it get everyone talking, but there is something that’s really endearing about a food truck. It encourages camaraderie between colleagues and if it’s a nice day, you can all sit outside to eat. Cuisines such as Vietnamese have become really popular to try.

Organic Produce

While everyone is encouraged to buy organic, who can say that they have eaten a fully organic meal? Well, there are plenty of caterers that can fix that problem. Everyone is happy when they have some delicious food in front of them, but it’s also a chance for them to learn more about where their food comes from, and of course fair trade. Can your work mates taste the difference in the organic produce they’ve been served?

Local Chefs

Is there a local restaurant that you’ve been dying to try? If so, why not bring them to your work event and get them to serve you up a lunch time meal? Not only is it great for the restaurant, you all get to try some of their food. Your colleagues will be intrigued by somewhere that is truly local to you, and that makes for a happy lunchtime.

International Food Day

As a change, why not get everyone you work with to bring in a different dish that represents their country? Workplaces are generally multicultural, so this is a great way to learn not only about different cuisines, but about the places where your colleagues, or your colleagues’ ancestors, were born. You can have some on main meal duty and others on dessert. The results should be an interesting combination to say the very least!

No Meat Monday

For health reasons, and for environmental, it’s encouraged to cut down on the amount of meat that we consume. That’s why No Meat Monday was invented. As a change from the status quo, why not hire a vegetarian or vegan caterer to feed you all at your event? Many people might be surprised at the sheer variety and taste of food without meat in it, and of course, it keeps lunchtime a little different from the norm, which is what you’re looking for.

Build Your Own

Everyone likes putting together their own plate of food. Which is why caterers that specialise in things like tacos are loads of fun. They provide the ingredients, and you make your meal. The combinations that people come up with might surprise you. For dessert, something similar can be done only with crepes or pancakes. Everyone can even make their own on a hotplate. Nothing quite gives you satisfaction like making for own food, and it will create a talking point.

No Waste Meal

Environmental causes are a hop topic right now, so why not invest in a caterer that has a zero-waste policy? You can feel better about where your food budget is being spent, and they can talk to everyone at the meal about how they’ve come up with zero waste solutions, and why it’s so important. This gives a little introspection into what we eat every day, and how much of it we end up throwing away.

Food Stations

If in doubt, it’s best to order one of everything. Having a variety of food stations at your event means that even the pickiest of eater will be happy, and your colleagues will get to try a whole rage of cuisines and tastes. If it’s set up like a buffet, where everyone helps themselves, then people can taste a little bit of whatever they want to, without committing to a full plate.

Tasting Menu

If you want to go upmarket, consider hiring a restaurant to give you a small tasting menu at lunchtime. Not only will you feel like you’ve entered a Michelin starred restaurant, your employees will thank you for really thinking about what they eat, instead of the usual stale sandwiches. A tasting menu is a whole new experience that many might not have had before, which makes this lunchtime idea,all the more special.

Pizza and Beer

Run out of ideas? Do your colleagues really just want to go to the same fast food place they go to every Friday? Why not just keep it relaxed and have some pizza and beer? You can go fast food or artisan, off-licence or craft beer, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, people just want a bit of comfort food at a work event, and everyone will be more than happy to get started on that Friday feeling.

If you are going for a dry hire venue for your next work event, then you have free rein on the catering. There are loads of options to choose from, but it should fit with the type of event that’s being held. Hopefully out of these 10 catering ideas, there’s something that’s right for you and your company.

FAQs Dry Hire Venues in London

What is a dry hire venue?

A lot of people have heard of the term “dry hire venue” but do not know what it means. A dry hire venue is a venue that only provides the use of the space that they have. This means that you are responsible for sourcing your own venue services, catering, staffing, bar etc. There are lots of dry hire venues available to book in London, allowing you to put your own unique stamp on your event plans.

Why choose a dry hire venue?

Hiring a dry hire space in London has a whole host of benefits, especially if you are looking to manage every stage of the event planning process. For example, hiring a dry hire venue gives you complete freedom to handpick your own suppliers, decorate the venue in line with the theme of your event, and even save money in the long run as hiring a blank canvas of a venue is going to cost far less than hiring out an all-inclusive event space. Ultimately, you have complete control over planning your event as essentially you are only hiring a space.

What are dry hire venues commonly used for?

Dry hire venues can be used for any event, including: • Pop-ups • Launch events • Birthdays • Weddings • Corporate events • Press events • Dinners • Parties. Whatever event you are planning, you’re sure to fine a dry hire space that will be able to accommodate your vision.

Are dry hire venues expensive?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect dry hire venue, you will quickly discover that they are a lot cheaper and accessible than full-service establishments. Many dry hire venues in London even offer a set price that does not fluctuate depending on the time of year. This means during peak seasons such as summer and Christmas time, you won’t have to pay more.

What is a dry hire wedding venue?

A dry hire wedding venue is a wedding venue that couples hire as an empty space. Also known as a blank canvas space, choosing a dry hire wedding venue means that you are responsible for booking your own catering, furniture, entertainment, lighting etc. This type of venue hire is perfect if you have a unique vision for your special day and if you are happy to take complete control of planning and booking each element of your wedding day.

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