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Big Funky Retail and Event Pop Up Spaces

The pop up retail business model is one of the hottest marketing things going on across cool venues around the event space world, with new designs by fashion groups and displays of product units even on show with for hire and lend lease agents. It’s a funky new way to promote the latest in trends without needing the long-term overhead of a traditional retail store. As everyone knows, opening week is often the highest turnover period for sales. By taking advantage of the great spaces below you can turn your next big pop up idea into a profitable, fun and exciting reality almost overnight.



Boxville has a great stripped back, raw and urban feel, really capitalising on the popularity in London for the so-called ‘industrial chic’ look. This means it is neutral enough to be tailored into your own distinct space, meeting your pop-up’s particular needs, and yet still characterful enough to bring charm and atmosphere to the occasion. The vacant indoor sporting venue dates back to the 1970s and has double height ceilings and large, open pillar-less space spread across different rooms that add up to a whopping 51,000 square feet of event space and a maximum capacity of 500.

Studio Spaces E2

Studio Spaces E2

Studio Spaces E2 brings a touch of history, having once been a railway station. Now, spread across 2 floors, it is a multi-purpose event space. The first of these floors is called The Loft and it boats high vaulted ceilings and touches of its Victorian heritage, whilst The Round Gallery has a much more modern touch, with built-in coloured lighting and a wireless projector. For the most part however, both spaces come as enough of a blank canvas that you can easily put your own spin on the décor and kit the space out accordingly for your pop-up.



Startisans is another of the city’s best blank canvases, with its glass frontage and great location in the heart of the West End’s theatre and fashion district making it an ideal spot for a retail pop-up shop. Catering and security are both available to help maximise ease, as is an alcohol licence should you desire it. The gallery spaces inside are easily adaptable to suit your own tastes, and reaching it should also not be a problem, with great transport links including the likes of Covent Garden, Holborn, Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square all no more than a few minutes away.

Swan Wharf

Swan WharfA Victorian era warehouse that’s been modernized, Swan Wharf has a lot to offer and is in a very cool location, just off one of the River Lea’s locks. It spans an enormous 25,000 square feet of multi-use indoor and outdoor space, and looks out on Olympic Park, offering some stunning views and backdrops. Whether you want river views to display your new newest offerings in, or prefer the exposed brickwork found both in and out of the warehouse space, you’ll not be left wanting. The venue has one of the widest rages of possible display backgrounds available. It’s also in Hackney Wick, one of the best locations for anything and everything creative. 

47/49 Tanner Street

47/49 Tanner StreetOld school industrial brings the most amazing sorts ideas to life in this old Victorian era warehouse. In fact, 47/49 Tanner street does more than just bring ideas to life. It embraces them in a way few other venues do, spanning three unique floors, with a range of interesting features throughout. Exposed brickwork is visible everywhere, and allows for a wide range of decorations and themes to be easily set up without fussing over the concerns you’d have in more finished and refined locations. It’s been used for photo sessions, film shoots, and a wide range of private parties and corporate events as well. You’ll love the cool feel of the place, and the way it welcomes any sort of style and design.

The Holborn Basement

The Holborn BasementAlso known as the Display Gallery, the Holborn Basement is an excellent pop up and event venue located in the middle of London. There are two areas available for hire, consisting of a large ground space, and a massive basement that’s three times larger than the ground level. The ground area is at street level, with huge windows that allow for plenty of natural light, or serve as a great space to show off event themes and retail offerings you want on display. It’s also got plenty of room to provide food and drinks to guests. Downstairs you’ll find the basement, which is a huge area well suited to display, with white walls throughout, meaning you’ll be able to decorate or theme to suit.

The Gallery on Endell Street

The Gallery on Endell StreetMore of a cool club that caters to your every need than any traditional gallery, the Gallery on Endell Street is a venue that provides access to intimate space, with unparalleled versatility. Featuring a number of full service offerings, including lounges, a complete restaurant with a wide range of menu items, and a great bar, there is little your guest will want in terms of social space or drinks and food. However, it’s also got a great mix of spaces that will let you showcase every sort of retail offering, letting you manage the most interesting and up to date pop up events. You can showcase your products to a wide range of visitors, and the open areas are great for decorating in any style that suits your mood or needs