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Planning a pop-up event? Explore London's most unique venues, all perfect for a pop-up. From blank spaces to themed venues, we've got it.... Pop Up - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Pop Up - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Pop-Up Event Venues in London

Find and book a venue for a pop-up event

Pop up events have been booming in popularity recently, and with good reason. Offering a unique and unusual experience for both the host and the customer, the high level of footfall year round in London makes it the ideal place to hold one. Whether you need a space to hold regular, recurring pop ups or simply somewhere to hold a special one-off promotional event, we have an extensive range of suitable venues to offer. We are well aware that there can be any number of different reasons for a pop up event, be it for a shop space, a showcase, a screening, or otherwise, and so with that in mind, we have collected a truly varied selection of options, including restaurants and kitchens that allow hire for food related events that can rival Street Feast.
  • Soho

    Blacks Members Club

    Standing 120
    Theatre 25
    Dining 30
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  • Battersea

    Battersea Arts Centre

    Standing 800
    Theatre 600
    Dining 350
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  • Haggerston

    Lock Studios

    Standing 150
    Theatre 50
    Dining 40
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  • Shoreditch

    TT Liquor

    Standing 250
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  • Regents Park


    Standing 620
    Theatre 328
    Dining 150
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  • Oxford Circus

    93 Mortimer Street

    Standing 300
    Theatre 250
    Cabaret 150
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  • Parsons Green

    Darlings Green

    Standing 200
    Theatre 120
    Dining 140
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  • Temple

    IET London Savoy Place

    Standing 330
    Theatre 451
    Dining 330
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  • Shoreditch

    Rich Mix

    Standing 375
    Theatre 200
    Dining 100
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  • Bermondsey

    Many Hands Bermondsey

    Standing 490
    Theatre 250
    Dining 150
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    Hellenic Centre

    Standing 250
    Theatre 190
    Dining 160
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  • Spitalfields

    Benk Bo

    Standing 120
    Theatre 70
    Dining 40
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How to Open a Pop-Up Shop

Having your very own pop-up shop is great for a whole range of reasons. Not only does it give you a chance to test out the market for your goods in the physical space, as it’s temporary, it doesn’t come with the same amount of stress. You can try out all sorts of different locations and venues, as well as earning a little bit of extra money in the holiday seasons when people are more likely to go shopping.

What You Need to Think About When Choosing a Pop-Up Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a few things that you need to consider before you start viewing potential premises. It’s always best to sit down and make a list of things that you need in a venue, as well as things that you want to avoid.


Are you looking for a venue that is close to where you live? If this is your first pop-up event, testing it out on the locals is a great way to get started. You’ll also need to pick an area that gets a good footfall of traffic throughout the day in order to increase your chances of getting some sales. There’s no point in setting up shop in a quiet residential area.


How are customers getting to your shop? Is it all foot traffic? If so, are there good transport links available nearby? If you want to host a special event in your shop, you will need to ensure that it is easy for everyone to get there. Considering parking is also a good idea at this stage.


What type of items do you want to sell? What vision do you have for the space that they’re in? The style of the venue that you choose will reflect on you and your products, so you need to make sure that it matches in with your theme. There are spaces of all kinds available for pop-up hire, so take your time in searching until you find the one that feels right for you.

Types of Pop-Up Venues You Can Choose

Choosing the perfect pop-up location takes careful thought and planning. Don’t just hire the first vacant space that you see – you might end up with somewhere that looks great at first but doesn’t provide you with the footfall that you need. There are lots of different pop-up venues for hire in London, so you really can go for any type of style you desire.

Shopping Centre

Having a pop-up shop that’s located in a shopping centre guarantees that there will be a certain number of people passing by that are there for one reason only – to do some shopping. These are generally slightly more expensive than others, but you may get a good deal if the shop is only going to be vacant for a short time.

Private Apartment

Do you have an eclectic collection of items to sell? It so, then hiring a private apartment might be just the venue you need. If promoted well enough, people will still find their way to your store, and it can really stand out due to the uniqueness of the venue.

High street

Have you spotted a vacant shop on your local high street? If so, then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to set-up a pop-up shop. Not only is it located in your local area, but high street stores get a good amount of traffic from people who won’t be able to resist seeing what you’re selling.


Galleries make excellent pop-up shops. Not only are they unique in their design, they are more readily available than vacant shops and can give your pop-up a cool and sophisticated feel. They are also very versatile as they are used to hosting a range of different events and activities throughout the year.

Things to Remember When Opening a Pop-Up

It’s easy to get excited about the opening of your shop, but there are still things that you won’t be able to do without. Making sure that you have a good working list before you open will help to ensure that the whole experience goes smoothly.

1) Insurance

Do you have contents and liability insurance? If not, you’ll need some. In many cases it will be a condition of your lease for the pop-up, so you won’t be able to set up shop without it. Insurance will protect you and your products from any unforeseen circumstances.

2) Hire Staff

It’s tempting to think that you’ll be able to manage your pop-up by yourself, but if you want to be open for as many hours as possible then hiring some staff is a must. It’s always a good idea to have two people working during peak times, and it means that you can enjoy a day off once in a while.

3) Have a Launch Party

One of the best ways to let everyone know about the arrival of your pop-up is by having an opening party. This gives you something a little bit extra to promote, and you’re sure to bring in the crowds. Organising a little bit of bubbly and some exclusive money off on the night to entice people in.

4) Set Shop Policies

It might only be a temporary shop, but you’ll still need firm policies in place. Keep your opening hours the same and clearly advertise them. Make sure that all staff know and stick to your refund policy as well. Having all of this well documented will make running your store so much easier.

Opening a pop-up store isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and a good level of research to ensure that you’re ready for all that it entails. However, with the right venue in a good location, you’ll soon discover the benefits that having a physical store can bring, even if it is for a short period of time.