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Four Great Themed London Venues

Every party and celebration in London has a theme, but unique and memorable themes are hard to come by, as finding a breathtaking or memorable venue to host your event in can be challenging. Because of that, we’ve put together a list of great themed venues in the city, where interesting designs will let you have a celebration in both style and theme, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or even costume party. But just because these themes are out of the ordinary, and in some cases into the extraordinary, you’ll still want to see them all, as each offers something different and amazing. Have a look, and see just how great your next themed event can be. You might even become a ping pong champ while you’re at it.


Gilgamesh LondonGilgamesh remains true to the name of a great and ancient king, with a stunning themed event venue that offers a selection of five uniquely themed venues under one roof. You can do practically anything you’d like there, from hosting a private party with up to twenty friends, to bringing the roof down with all 750 of your guests across the entire 12,000 plus square feet of event space. In fact, if you’re looking to have an unforgettable wedding in a location unlike any other, you’ll be pleased to find that there’s even an on site marriage license to be had – meaning you can start early and finish late, without ever leaving Gilgamesh. There’s also plenty to offer for hosting product launches, business meetings, and even Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Really, what you do here is much more up to you than the venue. As a plus, it’s one of the few venues in London’s busy Camden that offers underground parking, with a capacity of up to 100 cars. Of course, it’s also just minutes from the Camden Town and Camden Road links, so you’ll easily get there and home, whatever the event.

Bunga Bunga

Bunga BungaWith a name that immediately makes one wonder just what might be inside, you’d not be disappointed, as the venue is themed after the great mysteries and twists of modern Rome. There’s a deep velvet curtain separating the bar from visitors, and on passing through, a bar shaped like a gondola welcomes guests. While far from intimate at a standing capacity of 400 persons, it’s just 1,000 square feet, and seats a cozy 90 persons, with the rest busily dancing, mingling, or enjoying their time at the bar. Of course, they might be under the vaulted skylights of the outdoor areas as well. As themes go, there are few that compare to the idyllic grace of Venice or her many canals, of which those are depicted on the wall murals throughout the bar area in Bunga Bunga. To top it all off, the venue is available for hire seven days a week.

Camino Blackfriars

Camino BlackfriarsIf you though crazy, cool, wow, and games all in the same sentence, then you were undoubtedly thinking of Camino Blackfriars. It’s one of the most eclectic and interesting venues in all of St Paul’s, offering a spacious bar with themed wall murals and a game table, provided you can keep your place at the table amidst the competition your guests will no doubt provide. High ceilings add to the theme giving the already accommodating space an even larger feel. With a late license, live music, or your own DJ spinning, this is an event venue you can do a lot with, whether you’ll be filling it to capacity with your 500 guests, or hiring out smaller parts for a more intimate party. In fact, if you’re looking for a themed wedding venue, you need look no farther, as there are few more interesting places that can compete with Camino. As a plus it’s just a few minutes from the Blackfriars and Thames Links, and only 8 from St Pauls.


BounceOne of the coolest new flagship venues in London, you might at first wonder exactly what it’s supposed to be, but that would be quickly answered at the tables. Offering the largest and first social club for ping pong, it’s been and continues to be hugely popular in the city. By defying convention and putting together a state of the art events space, complete with traditional conference and event venue necessities, it’s become the hottest social event space in the city. While this is due to the exceptionally well laid out main areas, hosting up to 500 visitors, it’s also very much attributable to the break out spaces, and of course the black lit ping pong tables and halls, where you and your guests can go all out at ping pong – especially if you took the master class offered here. 12,000 square feet of space, and it’s all just steps from Chancery Lane, Farringdon, or St Paul’s – how you get there is up to you, just make sure to bring your game.