Best venues for Asian weddings in London

Lots of couples who have an impressive guest list feel like most London venues are either too small or too expensive. So we’ve ferreted out some of our favourite venues that are large enough to cope with the size and grandeur of Asian and Indian weddings, for a range of budgets:

Electric Brixton

electric brixton wedding venue

Location: Brixton
Capacity: 1700 standing, 200 seated
Check it out here: Electric Brixton

Royal Horticultural Halls

royal horticultural halls wedding venue

Location: Westminster
Capacity: 700 standing, 480 seated
Check it out here: Royal Horticultural Halls

Regent’s Conferences & Events

regent's conferences and events wedding venue

Location: Regent’s Park
Capacity: 1200 standing, 80 seated
Check it out here: Regent’s Conferences & Events

Giant Robot

giant robot wedding venue

Location: Canary Wharf
Capacity: 700 standing, 350 seated
Check it out here: Giant Robot

Royal Hospital Chelsea

royal hospital chelsea wedding venue

Location: Knightsbridge
Capacity: 400 standing, 270 seated
Check it out here: Royal Hospital Chelsea

The Hurlingham Club

hurlingham club wedding venue

Location: Fulham
Capacity: 1200 standing, 800 seated
Check it out here: The Hurlingham Club

Alexandra Palace

alexandra palace wedding venue

Location: Alexandra Palace
Capacity: 10250 standing, 400 seated
Check it out here: Alexandra Palace

Banqueting House 

Banqueting House ©

Location: Westminster
Capacity: 500 standing, 240 seated
Check it out here: Banqueting House

Sky Garden 

sky garden

Location: Aldgate
Capacity: 650 standing, 300 seated
Check it out here: Sky Garden

The Lighthouse 

the lighthouse

Location: Camberwell
Capacity: 2850 standing, 500 seated
Check it out here: The Lighthouse

One Great George Street 

One Great George Street

Location: Victoria
Capacity: 400 standing, 260 seated
Check it out here: One Great George Street

For more of our favourite venues perfect for an Asian or Indian wedding, have a look at another one of our posts here.