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CANVersion VII: Parcels Building by FORA

Up there with the colosseum where Maximum Decimus Meridius defied an emperor, The Parcels Yard is a glorious auditorium and a worthy winner of January’s CANVersion award.

                    Corporate venues in London  Roof top Terrace in London  Corporate venues in London

We have worked with FORA for years and can’t recommend them highly enough. Kirsty (a big time Gemini, for what it’s worth) is the human equivalent of a breath of fresh air. Managing to thread the needle of being both super professional but also easy/great to talk to, she provides that invaluable  layer of trust & comfort when planning and organising your event. They have an excellent roster of venues to hire throughout London, giving them tonnes of versatility and experience handing events.

Parcels Yard looks a million dollars. There is a giant screen (which NASA would be proud of) and a sound system to match. Everybody gets a great view and feels a part of the action, I mean there is a reason why the ancient romans built their stadiums like this. The abundance of natural light and buzzy undertone of the city below keep people dialled in and energy levels up. There’s also exclusive access to a goddam roof TERRACE. Perfect for those 3.5 weeks’ worth of lovely British summer evenings we’ll get. Imagine how much mingling you and your guests could get through?

I took Chewwy along, here are her thoughts. ‘I liked the stairs, a bit of a statement piece to be honest. The pillows were comfortable and the terrace is an absolute knock-out. If I’m being picky, they could have stuck an episode of Scooby Doo on the screen but I appreciate everyone is busy. Also I have to mark them down on the distinct lack of sticks. Overall though I had a great time and was really impressed.

                     A dog in a corporate venue in London Building in Bond Street

Comfortably seating 50 (or 60 standing), it is superb for presentations, networking and press days. As it is a FORA building, there catering packages literally coming out of its ears. Breakfast/Lunch platters, drinks, canapes, fancier premium options and oh of course your classic teas and coffees. They can also fully staff your event if you are looking for a complete bar service.

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Wherever you are in the Parcels Building, you’re surrounded by ethically sourced, sustainable furniture and finishes. The workspace is certified with BREEAM ‘Excellent’ too.

Situated in (/ above) Bond Street, it is smack bang in the middle of pretty much everything. With top draw transport links, your guests can cruise their way in with a smile on their face and a song in their hearts.

FORA have chosen Magic Breakfast as the charity we’ll donate £100 to. This is a charity they have been working with over the past two years to make a real change in UK schools. These guys positively impact 200,000+ kids a day by offering breakfasts and expert advice to tackle morning hunger, in particular underprivileged children in disadvantaged areas. In 2023, Fora and their employees hosted their own Magic Breakfasts throughout the year (including some very competitive pancake flipping competitions) to raise money towards this amazing cause, totalling a whopping £12,000. Fair to say it is a cause that we can all get behind.

Check out here the full video and explore the visit at Parcels Building.