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CANVersion VIII: Bubba Oasis

A big old tip of the cap to our friends at  Bubba Oasis for winning the 8th CANVersion award 🤘🏽

I’ve never wanted to back a few Aperol Spritz’s (and a couple of small plates) more in my life.

Lily is an absolute revelation. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, you can just tell when somebody is passionate about what they do (and who/where they do it for). Got the big Chewwy stamp of approval as well, and she really is an excellent judge of character.

                                                       A dog at Bubba Oasis in London A dog at Bubba Oasis in London

I spoke to Djpymusic , who booked the space for his birthday party and was absolutely beaming with the customer journey. And I quote this VERBATUM ‘Lily was informative, helpful and really took her time when showing off the venue. The service is what set it apart from the other options we had. Also the bloke behind the bar was good vibes’

                                                       Bubba Oasis in London Bubba Oasis in London
                                                                                     Bubba Oasis in Londo

The venue itself is split over 2 floors. The downstairs is the perfect mix of chic and snug. It’s cozy lighting, charming artwork and collection of some of the most comfortable seating in London give it such a relaxed feel. It’s also super versatile and has hosted corporate events such as presentations, workshops & conferences. 10/10 would rather go to one of those at  Bubba than some soulless, dusty upmarket hall.

The  roof terrace is quite frankly a eutopia. It reminds me of a very specific bar from Mamma Mia, where they all sit and have a big singalong in (you know exactly which one I’m talking about). It has a retractable roof and this little gadget remote thing which controls it. It’s extremely cool but not sure if it explicitly comes included in the hire fee – Maybe something to check with them? As you can see from the pictures/videos, it’s stunning and pretty much exactly what you want from a roof terrace. And now I’ve suddenly got the urge for another Aperol Spritz. Great.

Goes without saying but it’s tailor made for corporate events/summer parties, I mean what else could you even want? Passes the vibe check with flying colors, delicious food and drink, fantastic staff and just LOOK at it will you. Worth mentioning the retractable roof thing again as well, as not only is it cool but also can come in very handy 😅


Chewwy’s take

                                                A dog at Bubba Oasis A dog at Bubba Oasis

Bubba Oasis is very much up my street. There’s literally so much stuff to sniff and bump into, felt like I was dreaming. I was kindly offered a bowl of water which I immediately spilled most of onto the floor (sorry). I assume that’s why I then was not offered any of the stunning looking food, which is fair enough but doesn’t make it hurt any less. I wanted to spend all afternoon on the floor of the terrace with my eyes closed and belly out. Just like my dad, actually.


Bubba have chosen to donate to, who support musicians throughout their careers. As a venue, they love to support up and coming musicians and the music industry is really close to their heart – Also why they have built the stage! Great choice, we’re chuffed to be able to support.