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From a creative desk space and blank canvas venues to contemporary and modern venues, find all the best creative spots in London in one place - right here!... Creative Space - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Creative Space - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Creative Space Venues in London

Welcome to our generous collection of London based creative spaces which is comprised of a wide range of different venue types, from unique meeting rooms to creative desk space, blank canvases to charming gems, historic buildings to contemporary designs. You name it, we’ve got it, and all at affordable and competitive prices. Featuring spaces that are absolutely ideal for bringing people together and getting the creative juices flowing, we have venues located in some of the city’s very best trendy hot spots, including the likes of Shoreditch and Soho. We are in fact the leading creative space agency in London, meaning we have so many exciting options for you to consider, with our range able to cater to almost any event style, need or budget. So get searching through our database now, start planning and let your imagination run wild.
  • Barbican

    The Conservatory

    Standing 150
    Theatre 80
    Cabaret 70
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  • Camden Town

    The Mezzanine

    Standing 100
    Dining 80
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  • Tottenham Court Road

    The Piano Works West End

    Standing 400
    Theatre 100
    Dining 200
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  • Bankside

    Green Space

    Standing 250
    Theatre 250
    Cabaret 250
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  • Dalston Kingsland

    Hackney Creative Social Club

    Standing 270
    Theatre 150
    Dining 50
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  • City

    Brand Exchange

    Standing 70
    Theatre 70
    Cabaret 40
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    Hellenic Centre

    Standing 250
    Theatre 190
    Dining 160
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  • Camberwell

    Cambridge House

    Standing 250
    Theatre 150
    Dining 125
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  • Old Street


    Standing 330
    Theatre 100
    Dining 115
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