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Welcome to our generous collection of London based creative spaces which is comprised of a wide range of different venue types, from unique meeting rooms to creative desk space, blank canvases to charming gems, historic buildings to contemporary designs. You name it, we’ve got it, and all at affordable and competitive prices. Featuring spaces that are absolutely ideal for bringing people together and getting the creative juices flowing, we have venues located in some of the city’s very best trendy hot spots, including the likes of Shoreditch and Soho. We are in fact the leading creative space agency in London, meaning we have so many exciting options for you to consider, with our range able to cater to almost any event style, need or budget. So get searching through our database now, start planning and let your imagination run wild.

What is a creative space used for, and what are the benefits?

Just like us, creative spaces some in all different shapes and sizes. While they are normally designed to encourage creative thinking, anywhere that isn’t your usual office can be called a creative space.  Some are designed to be open plan, others for brainstorming projects. After all, what’s creative to you might not be creative to someone else, and vice versa. They can be used for a whole host of different events and activities, and for good reason. Whatever it looks like, getting away from the expected is proven to increase creative thinking.

Why Use A Creative Space?


It might seem like a risk to host something in a more creative space than people are used to, be it a meeting or an event. However, there are a lot of benefits to it. Look at the rising trend for coworking spaces in London. These are all creative spaces, because they are designed to get your brain to peak productivity! So, what are all of these benefits?

Boost Creativity

The main reason that people choose to hire these venues is because the space that you are in can either dampen or boost your creativity levels. By choosing to go somewhere outside of the norm, you’re getting a totally unique experience that you couldn’t replicate anywhere else. This will encourage creative thinking, and many spaces are designed to aid this, with open spaces and different working zones. As there is such a variety of different spaces available, you’ll be able to find one tailored to the type of creativity you need for your event.



If you have a team with people who don’t know each other that well, or your team has never worked collaboratively before, getting them into a space that encourages this will help them to get into the best mindset possible. Some venues are what’s known as blank canvas, meaning that you can set them up in the way that works best for you. If you have an outside facilitator or contractor coming to meet and discuss with you, doing this in a setting outside of your usual office is best. They’ll be used to managing projects and teams like yours and will appreciate the creative space.



With a new venue, comes new focus. Everyone suffers from burn-out after sitting at the same desk day-in day-out, so if there is a new project to get working on or an important board meeting, hosting it in a more creative place will ensure it keeps ultimate focus for much longer than it would in the usual setting.


What Are Creative Spaces Used For?


We’ve looked a little at the benefits of using a space that is outside of the norm, and that might give you some idea of the range of options these spaces give you. You can really host anything in a space like this, as they are so versatile that you’re sure to find one suited to your theme. So, what exactly are creative venue spaces in London used for?


Brainstorming Sessions

Need to brainstorm a new website design? Maybe your graphic design company has just gotten a major new project? Sometimes getting together as a team to focus for a few days on something new can really get the creativity flowing. As it’s a new venue, and knowing most creative spaces, it might be a little quirky, it’s the perfect place to start thinking outside of the box. You can use this opportunity to try out new brainstorming techniques that you wouldn’t usually consider. It might spark something great!



If your business has an Annual General Meeting, what better type of space is there? You can hire a space that is the right size, so that people don’t have to squeeze into company headquarters. A creative space is somewhere that ideas can be discussed, and everyone will be more at ease with a venue space outside of the board room. You can have presentations on how the company is doing, plans for next year, and then have time for everyone to gather and chat once the formalities are out of the way.


Product Launches

Having a creative space for a product launch seems like a match made in heaven. You are free to pick a place that suits your company’s aesthetic, where the press can meet and take pictures, and where you can launch your product into the wider world. Having it in an unusual space will mean that people will be intrigued and want to attend to learn more about your product, and you’ll be able to host it with the theme that works best for you. This could be during the day and casual, in the evening and more formal, or something different entirely.

Art Exhibition

Having an art exhibition outside of a main gallery might sound a little odd, but it’s not that strange at all. A separate creative space will give a different type of lighting and atmosphere than you could get anywhere else. Guests can mingle and get a drink while walking around an unusual space, and it can feel a lot more welcoming than some art galleries do.

Whatever you choose to use a creative space for, it’s difficult to think of a better option for a truly unique event. Whether it’s a brainstorming session to get those creative juices flowing, or as a quirky venue for an AGM, you can use these venues to show off your style!

FAQs Creative Space Venues in London

What events are hosted in creative spaces in London?

Creative spaces can be all sorts of different styles and size of venue, so they’re generally really flexible and can host whatever event you have in mind! From exhibitions to meetings, conferences to birthday parties, and product launches to team-building days. If you’re looking to hire a venue in London that is unique, interesting and cool, look no further than our favourite creative spaces.

Where can I find creative venues to hire in London?

There are amazing creative spaces all over London that will be perfect for your next event. Some areas - Soho, Mayfair and Camden – tend to have the best selection of creative spaces, but you can find unique and interesting venues all over London. If you have a particular area of London in mind, you can filter your search by area on Canvas and use the map function to find the perfect venue in just the right spot.

What is a creative space venue?

London is a constant hive of activity and is recognised as one of the UK’s most dominant and thriving creative hubs. After all, you only need to take a look at London’s avant garde landscape to realise why this is true. And the capital is jam packed with creative spaces which encompass a wide range of different venue types, from unique meeting rooms to creative desk space, blank canvases to charming gems, historic buildings to contemporary designs.

What are creative spaces used for?

Creative spaces provide the perfect setting to facilitate creativity and encourage like-minded people to connect and engage in a welcoming environment. Situated across the city, but especially in London’s coolest and trendiest areas, such as Shoreditch and Soho, the capital is certainly not shore of spacious, unique and interesting creative spaces that can cater for almost every type of event and budget.

Why use a creative space?

Using a create space, away from the loud noises of everyday life can really help to spark your creativity and focus your mind on achieving great things. People use creative spaces for a wide range of different reasons including: • It provides a dedicated space to think and be creative • Allows for project team collaboration • Access to the necessary tools and technology needed for your project • Inspiring surroundings help the creative process • Creative spaces bring a sense of joy and happiness • Engage attendees • Enhance creative projects • Add a unique dimension to an event

How does space impact creativity?

A significant amount of research has proven that, when a space is designed with collaboration in mind, it can optimise people’s thought processes, help ideas to evolve, and help people to solve complex problems. Perfect for collaborating, brainstorming, solo thinking or escaping the same four walls of the office, creative spaces are highly beneficial to any creative project.

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