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If you are planning a business or corporate presentation, or perhaps a motivational seminar, your choice of venue will be fundamental to it’s success. You’ll want a venue with the correct technical facilities and services for your needs, from full conference centre facilities through private cinemas or cutting-edge auditoriums, Canvas have the right venue for your presentation to go with a bang.

How to Make Sure Your Presentation is One to Remember

Presenting to an audience might be something that you love doing – or it might fill you with nerves. Either way, it’s not easy to keep your audience engaged, no matter how good of a speaker you are. However, by following a few simple tips, you can make the whole experience a breeze.

Writing Your Presentation

First things first: you have to write your presentation. It might be tempting to just turn up on the day and talk naturally, but very few people can do this well in the amount of time that they’re given. We’ve got 5 top tips for you to follow:



We’ve all sat through ‘death by slide deck’ presentations before, but there’s one simple way for you to avoid this. Planning. Before opening a single slide, plan out exactly what it is you want to do, and get all of your main points down on paper or in a text document. A great way to do this is by making a mind map of the main points to show how they are all linked together. Only then should you start on your slides.


Rule of Three

The rule of three indicates that an audience will only remember three things from your presentation, so know what you want these to be from the very start. While it’s tempting to show off your range of knowledge, it’s just not possible for people to take it all in while remembering the most important facts.

Tell a Story

No matter how factual the topic of your presentation may be, an audience is always engaged more by a good story. Incorporating personal anecdotes can not only keep you more relaxed, but it will give your audience the chance to really engage with you and what you’re trying to tell them. A story is something that they’re much more likely to remember after they’ve gone home, so make sure that it leads back to a major point in your presentation.


Add Images

Images are much more important in a presentation than text, so make sure that yours are really relevant to what you’re saying. If you are using infographics, make sure that they are large enough and clear enough that your audience will be able to make out all of the important details. Building your slides around the images you’re using is a great way to ensure it’s not text-heavy.


Learn It

Particularly if you get nervous when talking to a crowd, or it is your first time presenting, it’s always a good idea if you learn what you are going to say. Don’t just rely on your slides to guide you. Writing it out and learning your presentation will allow you to speak in a more relaxed voice, give you the opportunity to walk around the stage a little instead of being locked to a podium, and will ensure that you look and sound confident – even if you don’t feel it.


On The Day

Once you’ve got what you’re going to say sorted, it’s time to actually present it. However, writing it isn’t the only thing that you have to think about. What you do on the day can decide whether your presentation is a success or not.


Get There Early

Leave yourself lots of time to get there and get set up. This will calm your nerves and let you get comfortable with the layout of the room. There are a wide variety of seminar venues in London and some are really unique! Even if you’ve been in the venue before, the room can look vastly different when set-up for a conference or special event. This will also give you time to test out microphones and ensure that the tech part is working well. Some systems work differently than others so extra time to get everything sorted is always appreciated by technicians.


Know your Tech

One of the worst things that can happen at a presentation is a technology malfunction. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what will be supported at the event before you attend. If you have a video that you want to play, or a website that you need to access, but there’s no wifi connection, you’ll look like the one that’s made the mistake. Make sure that you have multiple backups of your presentation and anything else you may need, just in case!


Keep to Time

If you’ve been given a time limit, stick to it. You want to leave your audience wanting to know more, not looking at their watch. This will also encourage questions if they are allowed at the end, giving you a chance to engage directly. If you are presenting at a large conference where dinner is served after you present, keep that in mind and try to wrap up quickly.



While you have a time limit, this doesn’t mean that you need to talk fast and flick through your slides at lightning speed. Your pace should be relaxed, and every slide should have something of value that you want your audience to absorb. Speaking too quickly will make you difficult to understand, and while nerves can affect this, practice can beat it. Practise your timing, and you’ll be able to keep your pacing under control.


Enjoy Yourself

Easier said than done, but the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your audience will be. Remember that you are presenting for a reason, so someone thinks that you have something important to say. The audience are all here to see you after all, so speak to them like you would a colleague or a friend. Your time on the stage is over faster than you might think, so instead of succumbing to nerves, focus on savouring the moment.

Whether you’re a presenting pro or a bit of a newbie, there’s always something new that you can learn about engaging your audience in the best way possible. With so many different presentation venues in London, you never know where you might end up, so following this advice might be the key to success!

FAQs Presentation Venues in London

Where are the best presentation venues in London?

We love helping event organisers find their perfect venue on Canva, so we built the most advanced search function on the market to make it as quick and easy as possible. London has lots of venues that are able to host presentations, whether it’s for an intimate group, a hybrid event or a conference. Using Canvas will save you time, and you’ll be able to talk directly to venue managers via your email inbox or on the phone.

What equipment do I need for a presentation venue hire in London?

Whether you’re looking to present to your colleagues or for a ticketed event, there’s some technology that will always come in handy. It’s good to check with your chosen venue whether you’ll need to provide your own laptop, or if they have a computer that is already linked to their presentation screen. If you need to provide your own laptop, it’s good to bring your own cables so you’ll know they’ll be compatible to your technology. If you’re talking to a larger group, you’ll also probably need a sound or PA system - unless you’re very good at projecting!

Should I hire a venue for my next presentation event in London?

Definitely! Even though some of your guests may be remote, there are plenty of presentation venues in London that can accomodate hybrid and live streaming events. Hiring a venue can ensure there are no noisy interruptions (i.e children and dogs!) and you’ll be able to rely on a speedy internet connection. Your venue manager will also be able to advise on the right technology and equipment to help your event go smoothly.

How much does it cost to hire a presentation venue?

Venue costs can vary vastly across London, so it’s good to have an idea of your budget before you start looking. Simple things like equipment costs, location and venue size can impact the cost for hire, so once you know what your budget is you’ll find it easier to make a decision about what amenities and facilities you’ll be able to afford.

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