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Browse through our selection of London's best business presentation venues, complete with all the facilities you may need for your event.... Presentation - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Presentation - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Presentation Venues in London

Find and book the best presentation venues in London

If you are planning a business or corporate presentation, or perhaps a motivational seminar, your choice of venue will be fundamental to it’s success. You’ll want a venue with the correct technical facilities and services for your needs, from full conference centre facilities through private cinemas or cutting-edge auditoriums, Canvas have the right venue for your presentation to go with a bang.
  • Bankside

    MV Pearl of London

    Standing 360
    Theatre 150
    Dining 180
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  • Soho

    The Spice of Life

    Standing 100
    Theatre 50
    Dining 50
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  • Temple

    IET London Savoy Place

    Standing 330
    Theatre 451
    Dining 330
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  • Fitzrovia


    Standing 315
    Theatre 220
    Dining 50
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  • Milton Keynes

    Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

    Standing 450
    Theatre 300
    Dining 170
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  • Ladbroke Grove

    Sunbeam Studios

    Standing 230
    Theatre 230
    Cabaret 120
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  • Spitalfields

    Wallacespace Spitalfields

    Standing 200
    Theatre 160
    Cabaret 90
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  • King's Cross

    Big Chill House

    Standing 550
    Theatre 30
    Cabaret 144
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  • Hoxton Square

    The Green Room

    Standing 120
    Theatre 45
    Dining 47
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