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What could be better than a river-front setting with a jaw-dropping view? London’s majestic river Thames has always been an integral part of the City’s long history, and these days both river-banks celebrate the capital’s creativity and diversity, with world class restaurants, bars and galleries, our selection of riverside venues in London will float your boat.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Event

You might have an amazing idea for an event, and the planning of it is all coming together smoothly. But how do you ensure that people actually turn up to enjoy it? Marketing your event is one of the most crucial parts of event management, and done wrong, can lead to the dreaded empty room. Basic marketing techniques aren’t that difficult to learn however, so if you follow these top tips that we’ve put together, you’ll soon see your sign-ups soar.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important parts of pre-event marketing is knowing what you are setting out to achieve. What is the purpose of this event, and who is it targeting specifically? If you know the demographic of your audience, then you are going to be able to market to them much more effectively. How will you know if your event is a success? Knowing what you want to measure and how, whether it be attendees at the event, impressions on social media, or sales, is equally important. You won’t know if you’re successful unless you understand how you’re going to measure it.

Start an Events Page

As soon as you have finalised the date and venue, you need to have an events page up and running. Information can be added to this as you go but the most important thing is to get it started as soon as possible. If you’ve went for one of the riverside venues for hire in London, make the most of this on your events page through pictures of the water and the interior. Your audience will already be interested at this stage, even before you’re announced any further details.

Update Your Events Page

By the time your marketing plan is in full swing, your events page should be an informative and attractive place for your audience to visit, which is why you’ll need to consistently update your site. If your event is having multiple speakers, you will need to have good pictures of each plus a short bio alongside these. Another great marketing tool for your event page is to add informative videos. Every audience loves to be able to see a video in relation to an event and this is just one way that you can boost your ticket sales. Don’t forget to add a large ‘Buy Tickets Here’ or ‘Register Now’ button that your audience can’t fail to notice.

Pre-Event Emails

This is a big one. If you’re a large organisation, you’re going to have an email list from previous events and from customers you’ve interacted with. Now is the time to utilise this in the correct way. If you’re struggling to come up with an attention-grabbing email, it might be time to invest in a direct mail copywriter, who will be able to produce this in a flash. Your subject line has to be engaging and inviting to ensure that the recipients open it. After that, you’ll need to show them why your event is worth going to. Having a video thumbnail can sometimes help with this, as it’s a quick way for information to be shared. You will also need to get across the benefits of signing up. If you have an early bird offer, this is the time to advertise it. If you have done similar events in the past, having some testimonials will also really boost engagement. Don’t be afraid to send out a series of follow-up email encouraging your email list to attend.

Social Media

Social media can’t be ignored, but how to utilise it in the best way for your event? The answer is, by using it as much as possible. You should be on every available social media platform you can, and you need to ensure that they are kept regularly updated. Social media does bring in an audience, but you need to put a lot of work into it in order for it to be effective. Don’t shy away from investing in paid promotion, as this will help to get the word out to as many people as possible. The main advice when it comes to social media is to create a friendly persona. Run competitions to win tickets and other goodies and ask questions of your audience to get them engaged.


While you’re updating Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram left right and centre, you might be left wondering what exactly you should be putting in all of these posts. The answer is simple. Start a blog. If your company doesn’t already have one, it’s a great way to not only improve your Google ranking through SEO, but to have something fun and interesting to share through social media. This will help you to build up your audience for future events, particularly if you have an email sign-up option for interested parties. Guest bloggers from your industry can help to boost this engagement event further.

Media Release

While you might be focused on getting registrations for your event, it’s important not to forget local media and news sites both far and wide. Put together an engaging press release to send out with all of the information required plus a few high-quality photographs. Invite select people from the press to attend the event and make sure that you have a full press kit ready and waiting for them. Don’t forget to send a news release around other interested companies in your industry. Many will have their own internal newsletter where they can share a snippet about your upcoming event.

Having a detailed marketing plan is essential for anyone planning a large event. Knowing your strategy, and what needs to get done and when, is one of the key ways that you can get your audience interested and keep yourself as stress-free as possible.

FAQs Best Riverside Venues in London

What type of events can be held at a riverside venue?

London’s diverse range of riverside venues lend themselves to hosting a catalogue of different events, including the following: • Wedding parties • Engagement parties • Birthday parties • Corporate events • Launch events • Private dinners • Product launches • Summer parties • Christmas parties • Private party • Charity events Whatever event you’re planning, you can be sure that a riverside venue won’t let you down.

What makes a great riverside venue?

Riverside venues are incredibly special and are perfect for adding a new, exciting and memorable dimension to a whole host of celebrations. But what makes a great riverside venue? Flexibility, accessibility, amazing views, location, entertainment, and the interior and exterior style of the venue, all play a huge role in creating the perfect setting for any party. Many great riverside venues also have an outdoor garden, terrace or rooftop, which means your guests can always find the time to take in the spectacular views of London city.

What are the benefits of a riverside venue?

Along with the obvious being its setting, there are lots of other benefits that come hand in hand with hiring a riverside venue in London, including the following: • Panoramic views • Bucket loads of natural light • Unique • Perfect for summer time • Accessible • Flexible • Able to accommodate different capacities • Able to accommodate different themes • Guaranteed picturesque views • State of the art facilities • Perfect for a catalogue of different events

What happens if the weather takes a turn for the worst at a riverside venue?

Although London enjoys some of the best weather conditions in the UK during the summer months, the unpredictable nature of British weather means that it can quickly change in the blink of an eye. The good news is, the vast majority of riverside venues are just as good indoors as they are outdoors. After all, you don’t need to be outside to enjoy panoramic views of the River Thames, right? ?

What is a riverside venue?

A riverside venue provides the perfect, exclusive setting to host a wide range of events. Many of London’s stunning riverside venues not only offer breath-taking views of London’s majestic river Thames, but they also provide the perfect space to celebrate the capital’s iconic skyline. From word class restaurants, bars and nightclubs through to famous galleries, stadiums and museums, there’s a whole host of diverse riverside venues that are sure to float your boat.

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