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The Best Private Party Venues in London

Find and book a private party venue in London

Here at Canvas we are proud to feature some of the best venues in all of London in which to hold a private party, both well-known and much coveted stalwarts and new and exciting hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. We have venues that can cater to every possible party occasion, from office or staff leaving parties to unique corporate meetings or Christmas celebrations; wedding receptions to birthday parties; product launches to anniversaries; you name it and we’ve got a venue for it. Within our selection, we feature the likes of bars and restaurants with no need to outsource any catering, etc., as well as blank canvases that allow you to take complete control yourself. With all that said, there’s a lot of venues to hire in London, so take a look through these top picks and choose the space that works best for you.

    Top Recommended The Best Private Party Venues in London

  • Central

    3 Hanover Square

    Standing 420
    Theatre 150
    Dining 80
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  • Battersea

    Pump House Gallery

    Standing 230
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  • Lombard Street

    Grace Hall

    Standing 600
    Theatre 200
    Dining 170
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  • Hyde Park

    Amazing exhibitions and creative blank canvas spaces

    Standing 1500
    Theatre 400
    Dining 400
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  • Kings Cross

    The Fellow

    Standing 100
    Theatre 35
    Dining 40
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  • London Bridge

    Large hidden gem venue on the riverside

    Standing 450
    Theatre 200
    Dining 350
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  • Southwark Station

    Arch 29

    Standing 150
    Theatre 100
    Dining 80
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  • Westminster

    UK Supreme Court

    Standing 120
    Theatre 90
    Dining 60
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  • Most Popular The Best Private Party Venues in London

  • Knightsbridge

    Secluded and elegant area inspired by South East Asia

    Standing 75
    Theatre 55
    Dining 55
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  • Goodge Street

    The Montague on the Gardens Pop Ups

    Standing 200
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  • Regents Park


    Standing 620
    Theatre 328
    Dining 150
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  • St James's

    The Wellington Club

    Standing 350
    Dining 75
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  • Temple

    Arundel House

    Standing 225
    Theatre 180
    Cabaret 80
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  • Shoreditch

    Shoreditch Town Hall

    Standing 500
    Theatre 750
    Cabaret 350
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  • Angel

    Affordable versatile venue with natural light

    Standing 150
    Theatre 100
    Dining 40
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  • Dalston Kingsland

    Draughts Hackney

    Standing 200
    Theatre 120
    Dining 180
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How to Make Your Next Corporate Party Shine

Corporate parties have a reputation for either being a lot of fun… Or no fun at all. In order to make the one that you plan something that people will remember for all of the good reasons, you’ll need to keep a cool head and come up with a strategy that works. The more that you know about what the employees want, the better a party it’s going to be.

Start Early

So, you need to start planning your corporate party? Then it’s best to start thinking about it and making plans much earlier than you might expect. Particularly if your party is happening near a holiday season, venues can book up really quickly. If you want the time to make a calm and informed choice, then getting organised early on will help you plan everything just the way you want it, while keeping on top of the rest of your day to day work. Breaking down all of your tasks into prioritised lists will help you to stay on track while you wait for replies from your enquiries.

Put a Team Together

While having a list is a great first step, it’s almost impossible to plan a large corporate party by yourself, so get a good team around you to help out with all of the logistics. Delegating items to certain people and having frequent progress meetings will make sure that you are all on the same page. Having a team means that everyone has a chance to communicate their ideas of how the event should go and with the support of others, you’re much more likely to have the courage to try something new.

Choose Your Theme

Even a corporate party needs to have a theme. This doesn’t mean fancy dress however; your theme can be much more subtle. If you are having an awards ceremony or a talk from senior leaders in the company, your theme could be something as simple as ‘Success.’ Having this in mind will help you to brand the event and organise the dinner and party in a way that complements it. It will help you to come up with the different awards that you want to give out to staff and show them that there is a reason and purpose to the whole event.

Set a Budget

One thing you can’t forget about when planning a corporate party is budget. You might have some grand plans, but depending on how much money you’re being given, these might not come to fruition. Your budget will decide on a lot of factors, and you’ll need to stick to it and come up with cost estimates for each part of the event. If your budget is tighter than you’d like, you might have to look into alternative venues or a different keynote speaker in order to keep to the standard that you wanted. Checking your cashflow at regular intervals is important, as deposits need to be paid to secure services.

View Some Venues

One you have a plan in mind, it’s time to view some potential venues. There’s an abundance of private party venues for hire in London that are perfect for a corporate event, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from them. This is why it’s such a good idea to walk around them in person with another member of your team, so you get a feel for their atmosphere and space. If you are having speakers, you’ll need a stage, and a good-sized area if you are also having a sit-down meal. If it’s more of a casual end-of-year party, them you’ll be looking for something that has a cool and relaxed vibe, so that everyone feels free from the stresses of the workplace.

Promote and Invite

Once you have the date, time and venue all sorted out, you’ll need to start promoting your event. The first way that you can do this is to send through a formal invite to everyone in your company, as well as stakeholders and other important people that you want to attend. Follow this up by asking them to register and let you know of any dietary requirements that they may have. If this is a strictly internal party, you won’t be promoting it on social media, but you may want to consider having information about it on your company intranet. The most important thing is that everyone should know about it and be eager to attend.

Have an Agenda

If you are having speakers, an awards ceremony, or anything that requires some logistics to be ironed out, you’re going to need to have an agenda. This will give you a timeline to stick to throughout that will ensure that you’re not getting behind at any point in the evening, dinner won’t wait after all! Giving everyone speaking a certain length of time and getting them to stick to it is the best policy when it comes to planning out your evening in the best way possible.

Take Photographs

What is a corporate party if you don’t have any photographs to remember it buy? Make sure that you have a professional photographer in attendance to capture all of the best moments, particularly of employees with prises and of keynote speakers. Not only will these make for some wonderful mementos, they can also be used for future promotions and branding. If you can update your company blog with a post about your corporate party and how much everyone enjoyed it, along with a few key snaps of the night, then this will allow your customers to see the human side of your business.

Whatever you do, make sure that everyone has a little bit of downtime at the end of the night – it is a party after all! Whether this means heading to the clubs or hiring your own entertainment, no one wants a corporate party that is too corporate. Remember to have some fun!

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