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Restaurant venues to Hire in London

Find an book the most exclusive restaurants in London for your next event

Welcome to our collection of restaurant venues to hire in London, ideal for any private or corporate event. Within our selection, you will find a seamless mix of both much celebrated top restaurants and little-known hidden gems.

Ideal of course for private dining, restaurant hire for parties is especially popular, providing delicious food and tempting drinks on tap all evening to keep all your guests refreshed and satisfied. From immersive, historic venues to contemporary up-and-coming restaurants, we have something to suit every occasion and every possible taste – be it in terms of the décor or the menu. Speaking of the food, we have restaurants with award-winning cuisine and those that offer the opportunity to create entirely bespoke, seasonal menus. So be it for a wedding reception, birthday bash, traditional Christmas dinner or any other dining experience, look no further than Canvas Events.

    Top Recommended Restaurant venues to Hire in London

  • Hyde Park

    Chucs Serpentine

    Standing 300
    Theatre 140
    Dining 120
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  • Leicester Square

    The Piano Works West End

    Standing 400
    Theatre 150
    Dining 200
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  • Canary Wharf

    Giant Robot

    Standing 700
    Dining 350
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  • Baker Street

    The Salon Prive at Clarette

    Standing 30
    Theatre 20
    Dining 18
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  • Oxford Circus

    Cafe de Paris

    Standing 715
    Theatre 280
    Dining 300
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  • Kings Cross

    Camino KingsCross

    Standing 450
    Theatre 25
    Cabaret 25
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  • Aldgate

    South Place Hotel

    Standing 400
    Theatre 100
    Cabaret 48
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  • Southbank

    32 Southwark Street

    Standing 60
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  • Most Popular Restaurant venues to Hire in London

  • Shoreditch

    A designer cafe and bar in the heart of Shoreditch

    Standing 150
    Theatre 50
    Dining 75
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  • Victoria Station

    M Victoria Street

    Standing 400
    Dining 150
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  • Westbourne Grove

    Chucs Westbourne Grove

    Standing 100
    Dining 86
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  • Paddington station

    Very cool immersive and versatile street food concept

    Standing 360
    Theatre 120
    Dining 220
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  • Kensington

    Dirty Bones Kensington

    Standing 130
    Theatre 100
    Dining 100
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  • Barbican

    Clerkenwell & Social

    Standing 250
    Theatre 50
    Cabaret 50
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  • Mayfair

    Hush Mayfair

    Standing 120
    Theatre 66
    Dining 66
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  • Shoreditch

    Hawksmoor Spitalfields & Bar

    Standing 80
    Dining 40
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How to Choose the Right Restaurant Venue for Your Event?

If your event features a sit-down meal – or food is going to be one of the main attractions, then you’re probably already considering hiring out a restaurant. It’s a great choice. With so much variety to choose from, there are restaurants suitable for all occasions. Choosing what type you’ll require is the tricky part. There are a number of different things that you’ll need to consider before hiring a restaurant, so be careful when making your decision.

What Type of Party is It?

When choosing a restaurant for an event, you need to carefully consider the type of party that you are looking to have. Is it more of a corporate dinner than party? Or is it a graduation celebration? What you want the rest of your night to look like will have a big impact on the type of restaurant that you go for. If you want somewhere that you can stay and party all night, it will likely need to have a separate area. If, however, you’re looking for a meal only, then you can choose the restaurant based only on this.

How Many People are You Expecting?

The size of your party will definitely have an effect when it comes to booking a restaurant. If you have a really large group, your options are going to be more limited, and you might need to look at alternative venues that also provide catering. There are always some restaurants where you can hire them in full, such as for a wedding reception, so for a large event, something like this will be ideal. If you have a smaller group, then you will be able to either partially hire a venue, or even just reserve a table. Many restaurants have small sections that you can hire away from the main area so that your party can still have an intimate feel to it.

Make a List of Potential Restaurants

Before you make your decision on what type of restaurant you want to go for, you need to make a list of the potentials and go and view them if you can. There’s a huge range of restaurant venues for hire in London, and so you’ll need to take your time and pick out a few that look as if they will suit the type of event that you are hosting. Don’t be afraid to book in to view them, particularly if you are planning a large party. It’s good to be able to actually visit the space and ask any questions you have in person. Having a list to go through means that you can easily write down the pros and cons of each before making your final decision. You’ll need to consider how far away it is to travel as well, so don’t expand your search too far away!

Think About Atmosphere

While the size of the restaurant and the type of event you are hosting will change what restaurants you are looking at to book, the atmosphere of the building shouldn’t be neglected. As there are so many styles of both building and décor, from historical to modern, chic to rustic, this will all have an impact on how successful your event is. This is another reason why it’s so important to visit a restaurant before you book, so you can really soak up this atmosphere. Getting it wrong can be disastrous. Think of a birthday party where the atmosphere is quiet and subdued, or a corporate party where everything gets a little too raucous. If you are having a theme for your event, this should help you narrow down the possibilities even more.

Look at the Menu

When booking a restaurant venue, there’s one thing that you should never forget to do – look at the menu. Not just a glance but read through it so that you know what types of options you have. For larger groups, some restaurants might ask you to choose from a smaller menu, a set menu, or order in advance, so you’ll need to make sure you know if any of this will be the case. While the look and feel of the restaurant is of course important for any event, you also need to make sure that it serves good food that everyone in attendance is going to enjoy.

Keep Everyone Happy

In addition to this, you will have to take all dietary requirements into account. Most chefs are happy to accommodate with this, but it does become difficult when you are meant to be having a set menu. The key is letting the restaurant know about all requirements well in advance so that they have time to prepare their menus. If you are not sure of what the groups taste is like, try and avoid anything that is too exotic. If you can, a menu tasting is always advised before you proceed with the booking.

Plan in Advance

The key bit of advice when it comes to booking a restaurant for an event is to start all of your planning well in advance. Too many times people think that booking a restaurant will be simple, but if you want to actually hire out a section of the building, you’ll need to give a good amount of notice. Plus, in order to make it a relaxed experience you will want to take the time to view various options, taste menus, and make an informed decision. If you leave it too late, you will be left choosing whatever restaurant you see that is still available to you.

A restaurant is always a great place to host any type of party. Everyone likes to gather over food, which is why an event in a restaurant is so versatile. So long as you know what you want your event to look like, and you start planning in advance, you’re sure to find the best option for your group.

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