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If you’re looking to hire a penthouse for a party or event, we’ve got some of the most stunning and exclusive venues to hire in London . Our penthouse apartments have stunning views and iconic interior design, all with their own unique and unusual style.

What is a penthouse? You might be wondering what’s the difference between a penthouse and an apartment or flat. The definition of a penthouse is an apartment on the top floor or building, especially with grand views and a luxurious interior. Luxury penthouses are found all over London, making the most of the infamous skyline; many of our penthouses even have private roof terraces so you can properly enjoy the view.

Although they’re most commonly decorated to operate as a flat or hotel suite, a variety of different events are well suited to an exclusive penthouse hire. Production companies often hire penthouses for press launches, press junkets and meet and greets in the theatre, film and music industries. They’re also popular locations for luxury photoshoots and high-end filming projects. Corporate away days and senior strategy sessions are well suited to penthouses.

You’ll probably think of exclusive, 5 star private parties full of celebrities when you think about penthouse events. They’re great for that too - so why not treat yourself to the same experience at a party apartment? It’s a great way of celebrating a special birthday or anniversary with your closest friends, and we’ve got some amazing spaces that suit different budgets.

Our selection of penthouses range from ultra-modern with high-spec technical facilities, to blank canvases that you can make your mark on, to historical venues that have been sensitively renovated.

Penthouse Apartments: The New Versatile Event Venue

When you think of a party, or a business meeting, a penthouse might not be the first venue that springs into your head. Yet with so many penthouse apartment venues for hire in London, the real question becomes, why not? Penthouses are becoming ever more popular for a whole variety of events that you might not have considered at first, and there are a number of great reasons why.

Amazing Views

When you can get exquisite views across the city, why not host an event somewhere where all of your guests wished they lived? Everyone loves a good view, and if the weather is good, you’ll be able to see far across the city. If this doesn’t add something magical to an event, what does?


A penthouse is luxury. It’s the most expensive apartment, and it’s reserved for celebrities and those that have ready cash. If you had a chance to go to an event hosted here, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? So why wouldn’t you host here as well? With sophistication and class, it’s the ultimate in party and event venues.


The penthouse is so versatile, that it can work with almost any event under the sun. Because it has a good amount of space, might have an outside area, and is high quality, it can really be modified and turned toward anything. Catering won’t be an issue either, as there will be a kitchen for you to avail yourself of.

What Type of Events Can You Have in a Penthouse Apartment?

As we’ve said, these apartments are so very versatile that only your imagination will hold you back on what you can host here. But if you need some ideas, here’s just a selection that we believe penthouse apartments are perfect for.

Birthday Party

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good house party, so when you hire out a penthouse for the night, you get all of the benefits of staying in, with all the benefits of going out. Not only will you have stunning views, but it’s also easy to bring in catering and staff to make sure that the whole night goes according to plan. You’ll have your very own exclusive space, with none of the noise of a club or hassle of trying to keep a group together.

Hen Do

Why not base the next hen do you organise in a penthouse apartment? If there isn’t a large group of you, you’ll be able to stay there for the full experience and get to enjoy a taste of real luxury in the heart of the city. Whether you go out or bring the entertainment to you, a penthouse is going to really add something special that the bride-to-be is sure to remember forever.

Rooftop Experience

If you are looking for a good place to host a summer party out of doors, then look no further. Many penthouses have access to private rooftop terraces so you can bring everyone outside you enjoy the sun. If things get too hot or the weather turns, simply retreat back into the apartment and enjoy yourselves there. This can really give you the best of both an outdoor and an indoor experience all rolled into one.

Press Event

For a press event, you’re looking for a venue that’s special. Something that feels relaxed yet stylish, where speeches can be made but people can still wander around and mingle with each other. If you’re organising a press day, why not consider a penthouse or apartment? Wine can be served, the press can be informed, but there’s no rush for everyone to leave straight away.

Book Launch

A book launch can be a stuffy affair, and this is really the atmosphere that you want to avoid. In order to get a good audience who might actually buy a copy of the book and get the press interested in a new release, publishers are looking for hip alternative venues to have a book launch. If you want to add a touch of class to proceedings, a penthouse apartment can really bring the event to life. There will be plenty of room to host a reading, while everyone can relax and network with each other as well. All book launches should be held in a venue with real style to show the book at its best.

Away Day

The problem with many staff away days is that it’s difficult to toe the line between formal and informal. You want everyone to relax and have a good time, but this is still a work event, and you want to take the opportunity to discuss strategy and the year ahead. A penthouse is a brilliant venue for this type of event. Relaxed yet high-class, it will set the tone that you’re looking for without any added difficulty. Plus, your staff will be impressed that you’ve hired a venue like a penthouse for them!

Theatre Show

Looking for a pop-up theatre venue? With space both outside and in, a penthouse apartment can be moulded into the greatest stage you could wish for. Guide your audience through the different rooms and show them a new scene of the play in each. It can transform the space into a living, breathing theatre, plus there’s room to chat with the cast and crew afterwards as well. For an immersive experience, you won’t find a better setting than a high-end apartment for hire.

So, do you need a venue that’s classy and sophisticated, but where your guests can still relax and have a good time? Somewhere that’s formal enough for an important meeting, but informal enough for a drink outside in the sun? If this matches any of your criteria, then a penthouse apartment might be the venue hire that you need to consider for the next event you’re organising.

FAQs Penthouse Venues in London

Why book an exclusive penthouse apartment for your event?

If you’re looking to hire a penthouse for a party or event, London certainly isn’t short of fantastic options to choose from! Offering breath-taking views of London’s iconic skyline, an exclusive feel that will add a luxurious and exciting dimension to any party, and iconic interior designs that have the wow factor, why wouldn’t you want to book an exclusive apartment for your event in London?

What is a penthouse?

Many people confuse an apartment with a penthouse. A penthouse is a luxurious, highly sought-after apartment that sits on the top of a building. Often bigger than any apartment, a penthouse suite has become synonymous with luxury interiors, breath-taking views and many even have their very own private roof terraces so you can properly enjoy the view. Suitable for hosting a wide range of different events and parties, luxury penthouses can be found all over London well suited to accommodate all of your exclusive penthouse hire needs.

What type of events can you host at a penthouse apartment?

Hiring penthouses in London for a range of different events is incredibly common and there’s lots of different options. But what type of events can you host at a penthouse apartment? People often hire penthouses for the following types of events and occasions: • Press launches • Meet and greets • Luxury photoshoots • High-end filming projects • Corporate away days • Private dinners • Birthday parties

What type of facilities does a penthouse/apartment have?

One of the main reasons why so many people choose to hire a penthouse for an event or special occasion is due to the ultra-modern luxurious interiors, high-spec technical facilities and luxury comforts that come hand in hand with a penthouse apartment. For example, many of the outdoor spaces come complete with hot tubs, comfy seating areas, outdoor cooking facilities that offer the perfect environment to truly soak up London’s iconic skyline.

Why is London a great city to host a party?

With its fantastic clubbing scene, excellent public transport links, eclectic nightlife, many sights and sounds and iconic landmarks, it goes without saying that London is a great city to host a party. Allowing you to party in style, the capital is constantly alive with activity and any night of the week you can enjoy and immerse yourself in a vibrant clubbing scene.

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