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London is full of great summer party venues. Find and book the best bars, restaurants and event spaces in the city, including funky themed and outdoor venues.... The Best Summer Party Venues to Hire in London | Canvas Events The Best Summer Party Venues to Hire in London | Canvas Events

Summer Party Venues in London

Find and book a unique summer party venue in London

There are two parties in the office calendar that really count - the infamous Christmas party and the summer party. Although it hasn't always been a stalwart, it's quickly becoming more popular and some of the best venues for hire in London get booked out sharpish. Whether you're looking for a blank canvas space for your DIY summer party ideas, or a venue that comes fully furnished and prepared, check out our list of great spaces for your work summer party:

  • Dulwich

    Dulwich Picture Gallery

    Standing 400
    Theatre 110
    Dining 400
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  • Peckham

    Prince of Peckham

    Standing 250
    Theatre 50
    Dining 85
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  • Tottenham Court Road

    Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen

    Standing 230
    Dining 130
    Cabaret 130
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  • Covent Garden

    Burleigh Street Townhouse

    Standing 250
    Theatre 120
    Dining 60
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  • White City

    Elephant West

    Standing 370
    Theatre 150
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  • Camden

    The Glasshouse on the Lock

    Standing 350
    Theatre 120
    Dining 200
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  • Shoreditch, Old Street, Liverpool Street

    Colours Hoxton

    Standing 450
    Theatre 100
    Dining 65
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  • Battersea

    Battersea Arts Centre

    Standing 800
    Theatre 600
    Dining 350
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  • Shepherds Bush

    Bush Hall

    Standing 400
    Theatre 280
    Dining 100
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  • West End

    Fitzrovia Chapel

    Standing 80
    Theatre 70
    Dining 30
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  • Regents Park


    Standing 620
    Theatre 328
    Dining 150
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  • London Bridge

    Omeara London

    Standing 550
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How to Organise a Corporate Summer Party

As the weather heats up, we invariably start to think of beaches, cocktails… and a day that we don’t have to spend in the office. Just like Christmas, summer is a time that has a natural holiday feeling to it, which is why more and more companies are hosting summer parties for their employees. It’s a chance for everyone to unwind and it’s always great to know that your boss appreciates all you do enough to let you have a day off work to enjoy the sun. Organising a party like this has its own pitfalls, so here are a few steps to help you plan.

Step 1: Choose Your Day

When to have your corporate summer party is always the question. You don’t want it on a date when everyone is off on holiday, but it still has to be in summer. The middle or end of July seems like a good halfway point. The weather should be good, but hopefully won’t be at the scorching highs that London can reach in August. One rule of organising a summer party, is to always have it on a work day. While you might like the idea of everyone bringing their family on a Saturday, the reality is, that no one wants to give their weekend up to work, no matter what the reason. As it’s summer, kids will be off of school anyway, so it’s still possible to invite them along.

Step 2: Budget

If you’re planning a corporate party, you’re going to want it to be as high class as possible and knowing how much you actually have to spend is the first step in achieving this. Without a budget ahead of time, you can easily splash out too much on food and drink, and not leave anything left over for hiring any entertainment. Planning is the key to any successful event and this all starts with the person who holds the purse strings. If your boss isn’t sure of a budget, come up with a working plan and estimates so they can approve it for you in advance.

Step 3: Picking a Venue

Picking the perfect venue for a corporate party is maybe the most important part of planning. As it’s summer, you’ll have to carefully consider the type of venue that will be able to accommodate everyone and still make it enjoyable. The best way to do this is to find a venue that is a mixture of indoors and outdoors. There’s a wide variety of summer party venues for hire in London, and the best of them have a large outdoor area for everyone to congregate and enjoy the sun, as well as an indoor section that will be both out of the direct heat, and a place to shelter in the case of adverse weather!

Step 4: Food and Drink

Without good food and a fair amount of drink on offer, you’re not going to have any type of party. Secure your caterers as soon as you have a venue and discuss with them ideas for how you want to serve up. As it’s summer, you could go for a BBQ style party. This helps to create a relaxed feeling throughout the group, which is perfect for when you just want a day to wind down and not have to think about work. The caterers will be able to look after everything, but you should also consider hiring some bartending staff to keep the drinks flowing. Plenty of ice is of course going to be needed if the day is extra hot!

Step 5: Do Something Good

Why not have your summer party be in aid of a local charity? Have everyone give a donation and invite someone from the charity to speak at your event. This is a great way to not only let everyone have a day off to enjoy themselves, but also allow them to give back to their community. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve done something that will benefit others. It might even encourage some people to get even more involved with the charity and organise more sponsored events throughout the year.

Step 6: Entertainment

If this is a summer party for everyone to relax, then they are going to expect some form of entertainment. There are loads of unusual entertainment options out there, and many can be modified to work in either an indoor or outdoor setting. A good idea is inviting your local circus school to come along and not only entertain everyone with what they can do, but host taster sessions to let people have a go themselves. This can be a great way to unwind and can double as a teambuilding exercise.

Step 7: Night Time

Like most good parties, it’s likely that your corporate event will still be going as the sun goes down. While it might still stay warm and balmy, summer nights can be surprisingly cool, so you will need to have thought this through. Introducing fire pits can create a great atmosphere as well as adding warmth and are perfect to sit and chat around. Providing blankets is also advised to keep the chill away. If you’re not having firepits but heaters instead, you’ll still need to think about lighting for the outdoor venue. No one likes to be left sitting in the dark.

The summer is made to be enjoyed, which is why it’s so important to organise a corporate summer party for everyone to be able to have a day out in the sunshine. Once you’ve finalised what day it’s on and hired of the perfect summer party venue, you’ll be surprised by how easily the rest falls into place. Giving you plenty of time to grab a drink and enjoy the best of the British summer.