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If you’re looking to hire a London cinema for a party, whether for a private film screening, or a corporate or work event, the private cinema experience cannot be beaten. Whether you're looking for a state-of-the-art modern cinema with hi-tech audio-visual systems for a blockbuster screening or film premiere, or you want an old school theatre experience, for a themed birthday party, no matter what you’re planning, from Soho to Shoreditch, there’s a London cinema perfect for your event right here.

Make the Most of Your Local Cinema

Everyone has fond memories of going to the cinema as a kid, and even now, there’s nothing quite like seeing a new release on the big screen. Did you know that cinemas can also be hired out for? We’re not just talking about birthday parties either. There are a whole host of different events that are perfect for a cinema venue. A really popular idea is to use a special film night to raise money for charity.

How to Organise a Charity Film Night

Having a film night in aid of charity can be a really fun way to get the donations rolling in. After all, everyone likes a movie night, don’t they? The great thing about all of the cinema venues for hire in London is that they are all so different. This means that your charity night can look completely different, depending on which one you choose. You could have your guests arrive to be greeting by a red carpet and champagne or relax on beanbags with big boxes of popcorn.

Step 1: Choose your Movie

The most important step is choosing the movie that you want played! This might seem simple, but in fact it decides the whole theme of the evening. Will you go for a classic? Something topical for the moment? Maybe something that suits the time of year of your event. Whatever you go for, you need to think about who your audience is likely to be and what they are going to enjoy the most. If you are going for a certain theme, then the movie should fit in with this. It’s good to also think about the charity you’re representing. Maybe there is a movie that really shows off the work you do that would be appropriate.

Step 2: Work with the Cinema

It’s vital that you communicate with the cinema as much as possible. It’s not just about booking the venue, they can also help you with a number of other things. For example, many cinemas may offer you a concession price if they know that the event is in aid of charity. Another thing to think about is tickets. How are you working your ticket sales? Would you like it to all go through them? At many charity events, a ticket is dearer than normal and includes a drink or snack along with it. If you want to look after the ticket sales yourself, they should have a number to redirect people to if needed.

Step 3: Send Out Invites

Once you have the date set with the cinema and the movie picked out, it’s time to send out the invites to attend. These should go out to everyone you currently have on your mailing list, by post as well as email. Make sure it is clear on your invite when the event is taking place, what time it’s at, as well as the movie you are showing and any theme. Of course, you need to also mention what cause that the event is in aid of, it is a charity night after all!

Step 4: Promote

Now is also the time to start promoting the event of social media to try and get as many people as possible to buy tickets. Make sure you have a cap on your online ticket sales, as the cinema will only hold so many people and you can’t overbook! If you have more people wanting to attend, you can keep them on a mailing list in case others drop out.

Step 5: Movie Night!

On the night of the event, you need to have someone ticking off people’s names at the door. Cinemas are generally quite warm venues, so it is a good idea to have a cloakroom in place, even if your event is on the more casual side. Have a timeline together for the night with detail on how long it is expected to run. Are you organising anything extra after the movie such as a raffle or drinks in another area? Make sure that all of your guests know about this so that they stay until the end of the night.

Other Events You Can Hold in a Cinema

Film nights aren’t the only events that you can hold in a cinema venue. It’s actually a very versatile space that can be utilised in many different ways. Here are just a few different uses for it!

Product Launch

A cinema is a great venue to hold a product launch in. With its tiered seats and big screen, you already have a centre stage where everyone’s attention will be focused. You can play promotional videos about your product detailing all of its features. Many cinemas also have a separate room that you can hire out to serve drinks and nibbles in after the big reveal.


As an alternate venue for what is generally a very long-winded meeting, a cinema might just be the place for an AGM. With comfortable seats and of course the screen to project on, it’s a way to make going through the finances and budget of your company a less gruelling experience than it might be in a traditional meeting room.


If you are looking to host a large seminar with multiple speakers, what better venue than a cinema? Research results can be projected, everyone is guaranteed a good view, and they can even have some popcorn while they watch the different presentations. As everyone is comfortably seated, they are much more likely to engage and ask questions of the presenters.

A cinema is a really great space to hold any type of event imaginable. From film nights to corporate meetings, its versatility is what makes it such a popular venue. It adds that extra level of comfort and friendliness to an evening, and can even be turned into a venue that is made for a red-carpet occasion.

FAQs Private Cinema Venues in London

What are the benefits of hiring a cinema for an event?

If you’re looking to add a unique and exciting dimension to your event, hiring a cinema in London is always a great idea. Perfect for accommodating all sorts of different events, including private screenings, birthday parties, and corporate presentations, hiring a cinema for an event offers a whole host of benefits, including: • Great audio-visual facilities • Comfortable seating • Optimum privacy • State of the art facilities • Intimate private screenings • Access to packages to suit age range and group size Ultimately, hiring a cinema in London is the perfect way to impress your guests!

What events can you hold at a cinema?

When you’re planning an event, hiring a cinema probably isn’t the first venue that springs to mind, right? However, cinema venues are incredibly versatile when it comes to accommodating the needs of a wide range of different events, including: • Birthday parties • Conferences • Meetings • Trade shows • Private screenings • School bookings • Corporate screenings • Product launches • Much more.

How much does it cost to hire a cinema in London?

There hundreds of cinemas dotted in and around London, and how much you can expect to pay to hire a cinema depends on which one you choose, as well as the type of event that you are hosting. Of course, there’s other factors that venues take into account when pricing hire, including how many people will be attending your event, how long you need exclusive use of the venue for, and what time of day are you planning on holding your event. To give you an idea, some venues offer packages that start from £180 for 30 guests for a private screening of a film.

Can you hire a cinema for a birthday?

Yes! An increasing number of people are hiring cinemas for birthday parties, especially kids and teenagers. After all, what better way to impress your guests than allowing them to enjoy exclusive use of a cinema? Many venues provide packages which can be altered to meet your needs.

What is a cinema?

A cinema is a place where people go to watch films for entertainment purposes. And, whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art modern cinema with hi-tech audio-visual systems for a blockbuster screening or film premiere, or you want an old school theatre experience for a themed birthday party, London is home to a great choice of cinemas that offer the ultimate cinematic experience, no matter what your taste in film.

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