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Within this section you will find the collection of boardrooms and meeting spaces which we carry in our portfolio. Perfect for bringing a sense of professionalism to your next important business meeting or conference, we feature some of the most cutting-edge, fully equipped corporate spaces. If however you were in search of something a little different instead, we also offer a range of unique and unusual spaces, as well as some that come as a blank canvas, allowing you to put your own stamp on it.

All situated in some of London’s very best locations, we are also happy to provide venues that are suited to a broad spectrum of different budgets, keeping your options open no matter the finances you have at your disposal. So take a look through our selection and start planning your next intimate social event or business gathering today.

Boardroom venue event ideas

Ah, the boardroom meeting. They’re not always well known for causing feelings of excitement and intrigue from the calendar request to the actual meeting, however, it doesn’t need to be so bad.

No matter what the reason for your meeting or get-together as a team, we’ve got a boardroom to suit your needs and requests. Whether you’re just looking for a general off-site meeting room or something a little different, check out our boardroom venues to give yourselves the best – and most inspiring – space for what you need.

Ways to use your boardroom venue


When we think of boardrooms, we usually think of meetings – and for good reason. They’re a great place for members of your company to come together and discuss certain matters or projects within your business. Whether you’re getting people from around the country (or even the world) together or having a meeting with your staff, hiring a meeting room in London can be ideal, especially for those without the in-house space available. On Canvas, we’ve got a lot of different meeting rooms in London available to hire so check them out!


Training is key to the development of your company. Admittedly, training days aren’t everyone’s favourite things, but seeing as they help with business growth and team strength, they’re worth your time. Boardrooms are a brilliant setting for some training days or training workshops. With whiteboards, Powerpoint presentations, and everyone taking notes around the table, you can foster a professional classroom-like environment to spur on everyone’s learning and focus.


Boardrooms are a great place to get people together for a conference, and they’re especially good for conference calls. With everyone in one room, you can discuss your business proposals, needs and shared interests easily.

Product launches

Bigger boardrooms and meeting spaces can be set up to be the perfect place for intimate product launches. There’s no reason you have to choose a traditional boardroom – in whatever event you’re organising. Opt for something a little more unique, somewhere that will best show off your product. We’ve got loads of potential boardroom spaces up for grabs, some of which could be the perfect venue for a small product launch.

Networking events

Networking isn’t all cocktail parties and industry experts. Sometimes, it’s nice to just get some people in a room to talk about what you’re good at, and a boardroom can be a wonderful place to get that done. Not everyone enjoys putting on a cocktail dress and wandering around a room to mingle, and these types of events can sometimes suit a more relaxed, sit-down vibe.


Finding the perfect boardroom

Boardrooms aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so it’s important that you choose wisely. Don’t assume that any old boardroom venue will do; the location, space and layout all matter. Of course, it depends on what you want the boardroom for, but there are a few other considerations to take on board before you lock one down.

Step 1: Why do you need the boardroom?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the purpose of the boardroom really does matter. It’s super important so we’ll say it again: what is the boardroom for exactly? Are you planning a meeting, conference, product launch, training day or something entirely different? Once you’ve answered that question you should know more about what you need from your venue of choice.

Step 2: Numbers

No, we don’t mean the numbers from the last quarter, we mean the number of people you need the venue to accommodate for. It’s no use booking a huge venue for only a handful of people, or worse still, having everyone crammed into one tiny room.

Step 3: Budget

We can’t forget the money-shaped elephant in the room. You’ll need to find out how much is in the budget for the venue, as well as any refreshments and equipment. Boardroom venues in London vary from the high-class to the budget. Canvas choose the best of the bunch, no matter what their pricing.

Step 4: Facilities

Once you know why you need the boardroom, it should be pretty easy to dwindle down the options to a shortlist based on what facilities you need the venue to have. You need to ensure it can accommodate for the number of people, fits into the budget, and has any other facilities you need, from computer equipment and WiFi to wheelchair access.

Step 5: Take a look around

So, you’ve got (at least) a shortlist of venues? Great. The next step is to go and have a look around them, if that’s possible. Or, if you’re not keen on the idea or can’t fit a site visit into your busy schedule, just get in touch with the venues and make sure they’ve got everything you need.

Step 6: Book fast!

We strongly recommend that you don’t beat around the bush once you’ve found your ideal boardroom venue in London. All the best meeting spaces and boardrooms in London get snapped up fast.

A little something different

It’s not just the standard boardroom that can be an asset for corporate get-togethers and meetings, we have lots of unique venues that can add that little added sparkle to your meeting. I mean, you want to make sure everyone stays awake and engaged, right? Well, what better way to do that than to opt for something a little out of the ordinary.

From bars, library rooms and nightclub venues to grand halls and cosy cafes, take a chance of some unique venues for a boardroom meeting.

FAQs Boardrooms in London

What corporate events can you host in a boardroom?

Armed with all of the components you will need for a great corporate event, boardrooms can be used to facilitate a whole host of events including the following: • Presentations • Illustrations • Planning sessions • Team building activities • Meetings • Training days • Conferences • Brainstorming sessions

How can boardroom hire benefit a business?

Boardroom hire in London can benefit businesses in lots of different ways. Providing a designated space to host your corporate event, boardrooms are often at the heart of business communicates and provide the perfect environment for important decisions to be made. Taking people out of the office, this change of scenery can do wonders for productivity and even help people to unleash new ideas and spark their creativity. Oh, and many boardrooms also come complete with all of the facilities you need for a successful meeting including ample seating, TV monitors, sound systems, projectors and more.

What makes a great meeting space?

There are several different components that make a great meeting space including the following: • Sound proofing for optimum privacy • Comfortable and supportive seating • Ample space • Air conditioning – London can get incredibly warm during the summer months! • Central heating for chillier days • Windows to let some natural light in • Presentation facilities • Open space • Power sockets • Suitable capacity • Video conferencing Before hiring a boardroom in London, you should always make sure that the boardroom has the right facilities available for your event.

Why hire a boardroom in London?

Due to London’s vast business landscape, London has a whole host of boardrooms available to hire which provide the perfect setting to host a business meeting or corporate event in the capital. No matter what size meeting space you are looking for, you’re sure to find a suitable option dotted in and around the city. After all, London is a buzzing business city that brings together businesses operating across a diverse range of sectors and often on a global scale.

What is a boardroom?

The primary function of a boardroom is to house meetings of a company's board of directors, partners or colleagues. Boardrooms in company settings are most used to to handle the company's most pressing issues however, due to the versatility of a boardroom, they are also used for lots of other purposes too. London is well connected to the business world and has plenty of venues with fully functioning boardrooms that are available to hire for a wide range of different purposes.

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