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Welcome to our collection of some of London's very best bar venues which you can hire for everything including private parties, birthday parties and corporate events alike. We have a wide range of trendy and quirky bars, cocktail bars and even cool rooftop bars that you can choose from for your next event, be it an escape from the office for a business meeting, a laid-back pub wedding or just about anything else in between.

Most of our bars have dedicated private rooms on offer, as well as the option of exclusive hire of the whole space, making them a versatile choice when it comes to the capacity and budget you have to play with. Proudly featuring some of the best and most unique bars in the city, if you are looking for something out of the norm then we have the venue to fill your brief.

Choosing the Perfect Bar for Your Party

Are you hosting a night at a bar? Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate outing, or even just a reunion with friends, nights like this can either be amazing… or fall a little flat. There are ways to keep the party going however, and we have just the tips to make sure that you have a night to remember!

Choose Wisely

First things first, and that’s to make sure you understand all the requirements for your event. Do you need a quiet area to sit and chat? Or do you need loud music and a louder dancefloor? Is your event themed and does it require a certain aesthetic? Should the venue be modern and airy or classic and timeless? Making a list of characteristics that you are looking for in a venue, and the requirements that it absolutely must have is something that you need to do sooner rather than later.

Viewing Bars

If you are looking to hire a bar venue in London, the likelihood is that you’ll be seeing it during the day, when the atmosphere is going to be much different. This will require you to stretch your imagination a bit, but it’s also essential. Seeing a venue in the light of day can make you think more about the practicalities of your event. How far away are the bathrooms? Is there really enough space for you all? Is the area that you’re hiring totally private or will you be open to the rest of the bar? These are all things that you can take into consideration, and it’s also the perfect time to ask any questions you might have.

Don’t Settle

While it might be tempting to just go with the first reasonably priced venue you find that’s free on your date, it pays to shop around a bit more. Viewing multiple possibilities is a good idea, so that you can base your decision on the best knowledge you have available. You never know, a different bar may offer some additional perks that your original choice doesn’t, and sometimes it’s only by viewing the venues that you find out about these things for yourself.

Special Requirements

Are you looking a bar that has signature cocktails? Maybe you want the start of your night to be a cocktail masterclass and to have your own servers looking after you the whole night? Many bars now offer this service, but you have to ask to ensure that you get the experience that you’re after. You can hire out entire bars in London, and if you do, the staff will be there solely to look after you and your group. You can even get special cocktails just for you, named after your company or members of your party. The options are endless!


One thing about having a party in a bar, is that people will want food at some point in the night. A meal will start off the night well, and everyone can relax over dinner before the real festivities get started. If you’re not having a sit-down meal, or your event is starting too late to accommodate one, ask whether your venue will supply some nibbles for you all at a certain time of night. If not, check their policy on caterers coming into the venue and setting up some hot treats. Having something sweet is also a great idea but always be careful with any dietary requirements that your group might have.

Music Options

Another thing that it’s essential to think about when choosing a bar is what sort of entertainment they provide. Is there a live band? A DJ? Do they specialise in a particular type of music? This is a must. If the music doesn’t fit the tastes of your group, it can turn your well organised night out into a bit of a disaster. If you have the bar to yourselves, you might be able to come to an agreement that the DJ plays certain songs that will get everyone up on their feet. Live bands in bars are generally good fun, but if you are looking for a quiet night, then you’re not going to be able to have it with the sound system in the way.

Other Entertainment

Music isn’t the only entertainment option you have when hosting a party at a bar. If you’ve managed to nab the whole place to yourself, most venues won’t mind you hiring your own entertainment. This could be anything from a motivational speaker, a comedian, or even a psychic. Having something a little different from the norm in a bar setting is sure to keep people’s interest, so make sure you do your research thoroughly and only hire someone who you know is going to be good with your crowd.


While you can get a compere, or other entertainment, there are a lot of games that you can put together yourself or with the help of a couple of co-hosts. For example, you can have members do a dance off, with one person as the ultimate judge. You could also have a ‘pub quiz’ of your own styling that’s sure to get everyone laughing. The options are limitless. As you’re in a bar, any prizes for these games will also be readily supplied, so it’s another thing you won’t need to worry about!

Bars are made for a good night out, and there are a lot of options to choose from. You can have a quiet event where everyone chats and gets to know each other, or something louder that gives people the chance to let their hair down. Whatever the event you are going for, taking your time when choosing a venue is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or mention any special requests or ideas you’ve had! Most venues are happy to help you with whatever you need to make your night a success.

FAQs Private Bar Venues in London

Why choose to hire a private bar in London?

London has a catalogue of private bars that provide the perfect setting to celebrate a whole host of occasions. Perfect for those occasions where you just want to be around your own guests, or when you have a strict guest list, hiring a private bar means that you can have the place to yourself and enjoy an exclusive feel that is sure to add an exciting element to any party. And, of course, if there is one place where you can always rely on hosting a party to remember, it’s London town!

How do you hire out a bar for a private event?

It’s relatively straight forward to hire out a bar in London! After all, there’s lots of them! All you need to do is contact the venue directly, let them know your requirements and the dates in which you want to hire out the bar. As a general rule of thumb, the vast majority of bars will ask you to commit to a minimum spend, especially if you are hiring out the full venue. This can sometimes be the same with food too!

What type of events can you host in a bar?

Bars provide the ultimate setting for almost every occasion and they really are a crowd pleaser when it comes to hosting a night to remember. London is jam packed with cool, quirky, sophisticated bars that all play an important part in diversifying and adding a new and exciting dimension to London’s ever evolving entertainment scene. But what type of events can you host in a bar? • Birthdays • Private parties • Wedding receptions • Engagement parties • Corporate events • Speed dating • Charity nights • Stand-up comedy • Open mic night • Cocktail making classes • Post dinner drinks

Can you host a corporate event in a bar?

Of course, due to London’s strong business landscape, it’s not usual for companies to hire a private bar for their corporate events. And, the vast majority of bars in London are more than happy to give you the option to set up an open bar or even allow your guests to pre-order their drinks in advance.

What are the benefits of private bar hire?

One of the main benefits of having a dedicated private bar and having exclusive hire of the whole place is that you have the freedom to adapt the space to meet the requirements of your event. This level of exclusivity can instantly take your event to new heights.

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